02 February 2013

Photography Shop

Now and then I get emails where people ask why I don't sell photographs on Society6. I made that choice because I thought the shop looked rather messy with both illustrations and photography. However, I realized that I could just make a separate shop for my photography.
So now it's open!

The photography shop is here
The illustration shop is here
And if you type "Kestere" in the search field you can see both shops products


  1. The best thing you decided lately! Now it looks clear and everyone is glad;)

  2. Good idea, I might buy a print. I recently bought one from Kevin Russ and I am collecting art to put around the walls of my studio. Hopefully what I buy will only appreciate over time :)

    xx Domenic


  3. I think you should open up a pet shop too! I'd definitely buy a cute bunny!