02 January 2013

Where to look 2013?

I've been thinking a lot about writing some goals for 2013. It's just I have a difficult time separating how to live and think-goals and what to achieve-goals.
I want to write; create less and relax more. Enjoy the little things.
But instead I end up writing draw this draw that start that project... etc
It's like a friend of mine said, smart people can be incredibly stupid. In this case me referring to myself as smart since I can produce these projects, yet being very stupid because I refuse to realize that too many projects actually only break down my self esteem when I don't find time to start or finish them all.

Do you have any smart goals for the new year?


  1. Det är som snorken säger. "Hur kan jag som är så intelligent vara så dum?"
    Jag har en förmåga att göra likadant.

    Jag tänker som du att det där med att dra i trådar och lösa världsproblem gör man av sig självt, vad jag behöver komma ihåg är att andas, skratta och släppa känslostormarna lösa. Och så ska jag försöka vattna krukväxten lite oftare.

  2. I have that problem as well and it's a difficult one to solve, because time is not a constant, sometimes it feels there is alot and sometimes not. I tryed once this method: http://www.finerminds.com/personal-growth/goal-setting-exercises/ of making a plan of how i want to feel, be, work a year from now and then distribute the goals evenly through the year. I did it once, but had too many deadlines put on springtime at once and was too ambitios so even if i ended up doing them all... i kind of wished i had chosen one or two and did them better instead of running through all. But im not too sad about it. (:

  3. Achieve harmony in everything :) And I wish you the same!

  4. Since I will become a mom for the second time in a matter of days, my biggest resolution is to be as best mom as I possibly can for my kids.
    I wish to try and enjoy more in everyday things and RELAX and not worry too much about everything. As for the creative side, I plan to have my website up and about in a few days and then around summer try and find an agent to get me on some cool and inspiring projects:)
    By the way Ulrika, I love your work, both illustrations and photography and hope you have yet another creative and above all happy year:)

  5. Vara mer avslappnad ska nog också bli mitt andra nyårslöfte (första är ju att genralisera mindre angående visst kön). Vi kan vara som två snusmumrikar tillsammans!!

    1. Ja eller hur, muminsnusa ihop. Jag har bestämt mig för att lulla fram till intervjun på onsdag. Hålla mig sysselsatt och aldrig sätta mig ner med mina tankar...blää

  6. You're a lovely smart artist :)


  7. alltså, den första bilden är helt fantastiskt fin!!