16 January 2013

Snow brought sun

Yesterday we woke up and saw that the grey had turned into white again. And with snow comes cold, and with cold comes sun. Yesterday was rather foggy but today we've had sun all day. But it's a pretty pale and cold sun.
I loaded the car with props and drove of to a nearby small forest (Billebjer and Dalby Söderskog). When I got to the forest I wasn't really in the mood to stage a photo with all the props so I just went for a really long walk instead. I saw a group of freakishly large hares run through the forest and then I noticed a track of tiny paws in the snow... probably from a cat. So I followed them for a really long time, around the lake, up on the hill, down the hill, by the horses... but in the end the paws disappeared in to a barn. So I never saw the little animal. The tracks were so fresh though so I really hoped to see him. However, later on I got to cuddle with the pretty orange cat on the photos above.

I'm waiting for a reply concerning a job. Do you know that feeling? When you can't really motivate yourself to do something because you just want to know the answer so you know how to proceed? I feel like someone has pulled the brakes on me, before I know yes or no I'll be standing rather still. Sigh...


  1. you got your sun! I love these photos, I can't decide which one I like best :):) The cat is so beautiful, and looks great on that colour background. Really great little series of photos x

  2. what a beautiful cat! and the snowy landscape looks pretty, too.

  3. I think it's a bit unfair that you live in a such beautiful place and therefore can post lots of amazing pictures. I mean where I lie is breautiful too, but the light is hardly ever camera friendly, not to mntion you probably would need a waterproof case most of the time... Am jealous! :) Also of the cat.

    And I know the feeling all too well, I think this is one I hate the most - the uncertainty and a kind of hopelessness. I hope this one goes well for you! :)

    1. Aa but you know, like I've said before, beauty is everywhere. You've just got to train your eye so that you see the places... and be patient when taking strolls... because suddenly you'll find yourself in a wonderful place you've never seen before.

  4. you live in such a beautiful and magical place!
    even the cat is so pretty!

    and yes i know excactly how you feel.
    i hope you will have a positive answer!

  5. Hello Uli,

    i just discovered your blog today and been reading 2012 posts all of my afternoon!
    I´m very glad my random wondering trough the internet took me here :)

    i know how you feel for i am in the same situation right now,it makes me feel restless.