13 January 2013

From the portfolio

I've decided not to show actual spreads from my portfolio, mainly because of the amount of copycats out there. When you've put 2 months on making something perfect it would feel pretty annoying if someone just ripped your design right of. 

However, the pictures above where all used in the portfolio, I did some food-photography and designed recipe-spreads. I made up a company called "Nordisk Choklad" and designed their layout, packages and made some product photography. I also designed tea packages and honey labels. Then I did travel-spreads that could be in a magazine and a design for a bakery...among a few things.

By the way - do you see that big fat jar of honey? That's a 5 kg jar. I brought home two of those this summer from Latvia. It was the best honey. I finished the first jar this autumn. And then... somewhere around new years eve... something truly terrible happened. I hadn't gotten around to opening the last jar yet. And then by some bad misplacement, the jar was put way to close to the edge of the shelf it stood on...and so its somewhat sticky glass got stuck to the cabinet door and so when opened the jar fell like a big fat watermelon down and SMASHED into the kitchen floor. 5 kg of honey and sticky glass was slowly spreading under the refrigerator and into my socks.
It took forever to clean up. And now I've got no honey for spring ;-(


  1. javla honung!!!!! Det var julens tragedi alltsa!

  2. This is making me hungry! I just love your aesthetic. :)

  3. Ah, thats really sad about the honey :( but the packaging is really beautiful.

  4. The packaging looks really good, you mean it's not a real company but a made up one? I've never thought of doing something like this! Sounds like a good idea!

  5. ver very cool stuff! I'd definitly buy it!

  6. Åh, honungsförlustsorgen! Vore du här skulle du få smaka av min morfars. Han håller sig med bin på Gotland och makar Den Bästa Honungen, om han får säga det själv.

    Otroligt fin design förresten. Är väldigt svag för det trycklika, rena, som du använt i te- och honungslayouten. Men de olika strukturerna i bergen var också ljuvliga. Kakaoförpackningar har en förmåga att vara bland det snyggaste som finns. Vilket är lämpligt med tanke på hur bra kakao är.

  7. underbara bilder - tror de gör sig riktigt fint i din portfolio! jag måste skriva ut massa nytt och sätta i min... när orken infinner sig.

    Har du en fysisk portfolio? Vore kul att se hur den såg ut! :)

    Lagade du maten själv, som du fotograferade? Ser riktigt fint och proffsigt ut!