30 November 2012

Un oiseau / A bird

If you live in Lund or nearby, I'll be on the Industrial Designers Christmas Fair on sunday. It is in AF-borgen close to the university building and Domkyrkan (Lundagård). So if you wanna say hi or get yourself a copy of the calendar, stop by, it's open from 10.00 to 17.00.

28 November 2012

Holiday gift inspiration

Don't give away some crap this holiday!
Give away something that's made out of good materials and will last a long time :D
Here are some suggestions!

1. Lambskin (gotlandsfår) / BÄÄH Design
2. Sterling Silver Wolf Stud Earrings / eclecticatelier etsy shop
3. WeWood Jupiter Army / Klockkungarna
4. Gold plated hare pin / LeMatch Etsy shop
5. Roald Khaki / Sandqvist
6. Merino wool leggings / Icebreaker

27 November 2012


Lollo has been pretty nice today so he deserves to be the portrait of todays post.
I might be, actually, finished with me graphic design portfolio. It's a great feeling. Now I can actually start applying for jobs again. I've sort of had to take a little break from applying because I was getting nowhere with my current portfolio that was kinda a mess. Fox illustrations and girls with braids, agencies really didn't get how I could help out at their office. Hopefully I've put something together now that'll show that I'm capable of more than fox drawings. If you like I can post a few spreads from the portfolio on the blog as well.

26 November 2012


Little Holly. My neighbors Airedale Terrier puppy. When I'm in luck I get to look after her.
When skyping with my sister yesterday she had her cat on one side and her dog on the other side sleeping on her shoulder. I thought that was very unfair. I want a cat and a dog on each side!
One day I shall have it to - mohahaha

P.S I'm happy so many of you popped up and said hello on the bunny Ryan post, it's nice to know you're out there!

25 November 2012


If you live in Sweden, you should most definitely view this piece about Annie Leibovitz on UR Play. There's this bit when she shoots Daniel Radcliffe as well...so sweet. Svt Play also has a documentary about a rather interesting photographer Gregory Crewdson (though rather depressing). Or... the photographer himself is not interesting, but the way he builds his sets is.

23 November 2012

Little bunny Ryan

I've got this feeling that Ryan might be a little depressed. I could just put him on his back and he just laid there. I hope he was just tired.
Well happy weekend everyone... not that I know who everyone is. Elsa Billgren recently mentioned how sad it was that followers so seldom leave comments. It really is...

22 November 2012

Free shipping thru monday

My print shop (not calendar shop) is offering FREE shipping thru monday. I was afraid that they wouldn't do this until after the holidays, but it looks like we're in luck.
Remember, if you have any requests for prints, let me know and I'll add it to the shop.

P.S They've even got pillows now!

21 November 2012

Art and bunnies

I know that many feel a bit down and sad in november. However, what we need in these dark times is art and cute animals. So I will make sure to post a couple of the bunny photos I shot today during the following days.
Have a great wednesday!

20 November 2012

Introducing Laura

Laura is the beautiful lady on the photos above. She is a great pyrenees.
I'm very exited to tell you that Laura will be playing the lead role in my new photo project.
There will be many dogs involved, I've got Lauras owner to thank for that, because she's the one who have found all our co-stars. I've got some location-scouting and sewing to do... but hopefully the project will start SOON and I'll be able to show the first picture. Stay tuned. 

19 November 2012

Katerina Plotnikova

Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

Robert sent me a link today with her work. All I can say is, look through it and get mighty jealous! This girl made me realize that it might be time to jump up on the horse again. I haven't done a "real" shoot for a very long time. And there is some pretty inspiring stuff here... check her out and support her facebook page if you like!

18 November 2012

I recommend...

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

William Morris book by Benjamin Lacombe, illustrations by Agata Kawa

Frances (part 3 is out now!), by Joanna Hellgren

Hur gick det sen? by Tove Jansson

17 November 2012

Prepare for winter, part I

Dear Uli,
I have an idea for a post. I'm about to move from a very sunny climate to a very cold one in December. I know it gets quite chilly there in Sweden and I wonder if you'd consider doing a post on how you bundle up to keep warm. What do you do to make you wintry wear stylish and warm?

I love when readers request posts! There is quite a lot to know about how to stay warm and cosy during winter, but since I don't know at what end to start I'll just start here.

First of all, winter means getting colds. It's cold so you get a cold. Well, you often don't get a cold because you're cold but because you sit inside all day and a lady sneezes at you on the bus. So it's important to boost your immune system with the right things. Here are the three basics I use a lot during winter. The ginger and lemon do great for a lemon drink that I've mentioned in a post last christmas.
A great way to eat the garlic is to roast it in the oven for about 30 minutes and then put some oil or butter on it. You don't have to peel it or anything. When it's been in the oven it isn't as "harsh" in the taste and it's super easy to just press out all the garlics. But if you hate smelling like garlic there are always garlic-pills, but pills often don't feel as exotic as eating the real thing :)
So if you feel a little icky-ish in the throwt, eat a whole roasted garlic and drink one big cup of ginger and lemon tea, trust me, you'll feel better the next day!

Mittens mittens mittens! Suddenly your grandma's gifts aren't so bad. If they're knitted tightly and in real wool the rain will even have a hard time getting through the material. And remember, a woolen mitten will warm you even when it's wet, a polyester one won't. My mittens get holes really fast because I ride my bike alot. Somehow they way I hold the handlebar really tears on the thumb and left side of the palm. I should sew on leather pieces there. But I don't. Shame on me.
I often have a thin innermitten in my larger woolmittens, preferably one of merino or angora wool.

Socks. Need I say more. Warm feet makes a happy baby. And I think that there are few things as good looking as nice wool socks pulled over your jeans in brown leather boots.

Knowing how to cuddle up. Lollo is a perfectionist at this. Every day he practices this for many hours. It's not easy he says. You really have to free your mind. Make a place for yourself at home that is 100% cuddly-warm-nice-ish. A place where you sip your tea and read fairy-tale books whilst sighing quietly to yourself. 

16 November 2012

King of everything

... is what he believes to be.
This is my cat.
This is how he lays.
That's my bed.
He thinks it's his empire.

15 November 2012

EQUUS by Tim Flach

Photographs by Tim Flach

If you have a friend who's into horses, this would make a great christmas gift I think...öööö... BUT of course, so would my calendar :P It's cheaper too :) And you can use it aaaaall year, let's face it, how often do you look through your books? Yes yes, get the calendar instead. 

14 November 2012

A lion in the sky

There's a lion in the clouds.
He told me that my kingdom was everything touched by the sun.
I told him that it was rather cloudy in Sweden at the moment.
He laughed. Ha-ha he said. 

13 November 2012


While looking for a job you often feel like this. Just flying around, having no idea where you are or what's going on. I wish I knew more people! You find your job through contacts. Well, what if you have no contacts?? Duuuuh.
If I don't find work soon I might get too comfortable making soups, going to yoga class and sitting in the sauna. And now where would that get me...
You don't want to end up leaving your keys on the table!
You know who does that? Prostitutes apparently (someone told me). Well, not now, but back in the day.  Keys on the table meant hey I'm available come get me. So parents told their daughters to never leave their keys on tables. Haha.

12 November 2012

Library Inspiration

When followers ask me how to find new inspiration, I often advise them to stop web-browsing and look at books instead. I mean sure, our public library isn't that rich with photographic or artistic books (unless you wan to stare at Monet paintings and Magnum photographers all day). But they do have a lot of great stuff, I find most my inspiration from animal books or books about outdated clothstyles. Above are some of my recent inspiration photographed from some books at the library.
What's fun about this is that you often see pictures that are forgotten in time. The nice pictures on the web have been around on pinterest, tumblr, blogs, weheart it... you name it. It's been seen by so many already which means that A LOT of people are inspired by the same images and therefor often create very similar things.
So, look for inspiration were others don't!

11 November 2012

Dalmatian in the dark

A dalmatian I photographed last wednesday while looking after our neighbors puppy. The sun goes down really fast so the dalmatian was the only one of the dogs that stuck on frame. Bright enough for pictures :)
A border collie by the beach, shot a few years ago.
See my dog label to view more of my dog photos, or go to my homepage for the ultimate selection.

10 November 2012

It's the weekend...

... so I hope you're heading out to the forest and not sitting inside poking your bellybutton!
Nonono, not good.
And for god's sake, don't forget to bring some sausages and hot coco. Every time me and Robert don't, we end up highly regretting it (mostly because there are families everywhere in the forest sitting and eating sausages.... sausage-feast...?)

09 November 2012

The Braid Post

I know you love them.
The braids.
I love them too.
Why do we love them so much?

Here's a mix of the braidtiara, the braidbun, the fishtail braid, and last is the horizontal dutch braid.
I made these photos at the beginning of summer, thought I might do some step-by-step guides and sent to some girly magazines. Never got to it though. So I give it all to you instead.

I'm very thorough with my labels, so under the braid label should be all my posts with braids.