31 October 2012

30 October 2012

Wonderful Mumin

Well, it's pretty much impossible not to like the moomintrolls.
The books, the series, the tvshow, the cups... oh my gosh. I would buy anything with moomin on it, which makes me the perfect customer to fool with a whole bunch of crap ;)

Surprisingly, I haven't read all books. I've read the ones about midsummer, winter and the island many times, but then there are a few books that don't speak to me the same way. Strange actually.
Tove Jansson, the author and artist, was a true poet of life. The way she describes environments, characters and feelings is truly unique. I'm so happy she brought this magical world into our world. 

29 October 2012

Little gifts

Vintage plastic animals in tin-cans is always a good gift... I think ;) Maybe the receiver doesn't think the same.

Uff... I'm having a hard time motivating me to start working today. It's just that... we got this new washing machine... and it's so quite and harmonic compared to our last one. It washes slowly and for a really long time... in order to be more eco-friendly. So I was just sitting there, staring at my sheets going round round and thinking that I'd like to take it just as slow as our washing machine today. So I've boiled some meat for two hours and made a big autumn soup... cleaned up in some shelves... oh you know.
I had a dream about the washing machine tonight. I dreamt that I put my tele and wide-angle lenses in it. To wash them. They got out of it pretty ok.

Remember the teatime assignment, not so many contributions yet... but you have until wednesday!

27 October 2012


I really really hate internet bullying.
There are people who struggle and create and then there are so many people who do nothing but sit on their as all day and pour their hatred and negativity at these creative people. Or when the internet gags up together to super-bully someone. Like that Rebecka Black girl for instance. Why does youtube even have a dislike button?
Just in order for some people to have a laugh it's ok to mentally break down others.
Or when someone struggles for years to make it and then when they do everyone screams that they got famous over night and that their parents are rich and that they don't deserve it.

I love everything about Lana Del Rey. But all the bullying towards her and harsh words is making me really sad. I feel worried when people get this hunger towards killing what others create. To do everything in their power to make them feel fake and useless.
I know I have the kindest most wonderful followers, but I still have to write; don't ever bully through the internet. Don't bully in real life either for that matter... but you know what I mean. 

26 October 2012

Cuddle up

My shop has free shipping during the weekend, check it out!

I like autumn, even my boyfriend gets a little chilly now and then and then I get the opportunity to hug him more. Yay!
The calendar is coming together... I just need the printers to do their part too. Might be ready on monday, let's hope so. I'm glad I made one (I thought of not doing it) it has my favorite pictures so far. It's crazy to see how different I draw today compared to the pictures in my first calendar.

Ok, I'm gonna have a sandwich and then meet up my girlfriend for some poweryoga. Yikes, I've been going to a few sessions this week and my body is hurting everywhere.  Like... my waist.. my waist is hurting. Gaah... the cat is starting to eat on my hand. Time to feed him too. Ciao!

24 October 2012

Bye summer

Close to where my boyfriend lives there are all these sweet gardens. I had photographed them sometime during summer but the photos were lost...until yesterday where I found them on my desktop in a stupid folder named "pictures". What's that? I don't do that? I put all my photos in dated proper folders. My my.
Anywho, I thought I would post two of them before all the leaves are gone from the trees.
Bye summer, we didn't really get along this year, but I hope next one will be great!

23 October 2012

Happy birthday sister

Today is my sisters birthday.
She thought she was turning 29. Luckily, my mum is visiting her in Italy and was kind to inform her that she's actually turning 28. Yay, she just gained a year!
Happy birthday Tess, I wish I could see you today!

22 October 2012

Skäralid & Kopparhatten

Most Swedes that move from the north down to us here in the south think that there is no forests here. It might look very flat most of the time, but a few turns here and there and you'll find a little forest. Maybe not a huge one, but a forest never the less.
This weekend, we took a trip to Skäralid. A 40 min drive from my home, a forest that has its primetime during autumn. When the evening came my body was exhausted from all the fresh air. It was almost as if I didn't have strength to play Bohnanza... but I did! And I won twice :D If you don't know what Bohnanza is... it's a bean-game and it's like the best game ever! I didn't really play boardgames until I met my boyfriend, but when you find one you like it's really fun.

19 October 2012

Reading about whales

Painter and architect student Linn Runeson asked me if I could draw an illustration for her boyfriends birthday. She gave me full artistic freedom to draw whatever I wanted... I thought that was very nice!
This drawing is about relationships. How one is often a morning-person and the other one is a night-person. How you really want to spend time together but often one falls asleep. It's like this in my relationship. My boyfriend has real trouble getting up in the mornings and he thinks it's very unfair that I don't have any trouble with it at all.
The illustration is also about being passionate for things... the way one person in the relationship might LOVE whales and be completely fascinated by them and the other one might LOVE hats. The whale lover might not see what's so great about hats, but I think differences in interests is very important. You shouldn't agree on everything.
 My boyfriend might not see what's so great about dogs, and I might not know what's so great about bugs :)

The print can be purchased HERE

17 October 2012

Wish I had...

... cool leather sami shoes by Kero
moomincup with snusmumriken
mustard colored Kånken backpack
velvet deers
lace collar
super soft grey oversize cashmere sweater
a book about braiding styles

And it seems my whole family will be spending christmas apart... so no use wishing for these things :(

16 October 2012

This years calendars

Time to put together the calendar for 2013! And I found these photos from last year. I think the calendars will have a grey tone next year instead of a yellow. Also, I'll only make it in the A4 format... I looked at the different sizes today and came to the conclusion that it was the best size for it!
Petite and sweet.
I felt like Santa Claus last year packing all the shipments. I love using brown wrapping paper and drawing little things here and there. I should really get a stamp this time though, to save time :)

11 October 2012

Beauty is everywhere

Rainbow from our window facing east.
Little red robin from our kitchen window facing west.
Sleeping Lollo, always to the south of where I'm sitting and working.

I'm actually working on my first official illustration assignment (from a company not a private person that is). It's fun. I wake up early and then I work until 5-ish. Sure it's from home but I feel like I'm doing something useful :) It's great. I hope the ad agency will consider hiring me for jobs again. One can only hope.
Tonight I'm meeting my boyfriend and girlfriend to eat tacos and watch the ballet documentary First Position. It shall be awesome.

Remember my yearly calendar? I'm not sure if I'll make one this year. What do you think?

09 October 2012

Shop, new stuff & free shipping

Sorry for spamming about my shop, but there is free shipping again (until october 14th)and I thought you should know :)
You have to go through this promo link however to get the discount.


04 October 2012

October task: TEATIME

All images are from weheartit

Please read the rules of this months assignment!
About the assignment: Teatime, or fika as we say in swedish, is a moment where you take time with yourself or share stories and cookies with your friends. This months photograph does not have to be a self-portrait (but it can be if you want). It can be cats drinking tea. It can be a pattern made with tealeafs. It can be a still life photograph of teapots and cookies. Above all, I'm looking for a cozy photograph... because drinking tea is pretty cozy.. and hey, it's autumn so what else is there to do? 

Type of photograph: Any, does not have to be a self-portrait
Theme: Teatime
Format: 600 px wide and preferably not vertical formats. 
Deadline: 31 October
Submission: Send to info@ulrikakestere.com

Good Luck!

01 October 2012

Literature theme submissions

Sara Edström
I like the colors here... it really feels like she's in a candlelit library.
Also the placement of her hair is good, it's actually not that easy to get your hair right when you're laying down like that! Good job Sara.

Hanna Lagerberg
Ah, I love the granny quilt! I really want to make one of these myself... I think it would help to calm my nerves :) Cosy room!

Breeze Cheng
The photo is really simple, and it takes a while before you find the person in it... but I like how the mood of reading is noticeable here.

Claudia Voglhuber
Although I would have cropped this picture a bit, I appreciate the color rendering. The "beige" colors are really harmonic and makes her skin tone blend beautifully with the tone of the paper.

Kristin Olofsson
I like that she looks so powerful. And the slight movement of the shot.

Suzi Colpa
I sort of like the empty window stare with the pale colors. Probably reflects the mood of many of us. At least how I've felt this weekend :(

Ulrika Kestere
Ugh. I wasn't going do this months task. But then my boyfriend gave me this weird look "You're not going to do your own task??" so I felt stupid and I made it.

Michelle Kazuko Knight
Very calm. Warm light. Harmonic. That's what I like :)

Nadia Eckerich
She really positioned herself good in this picture. The bright background really makes her pop. Sunlight can be a pain when shooting but if you know how to work with it it will be an advantage!


Hey, would it be weird if the next assignment wasn't a self-portrait... but just a theme?
Give me your thoughts!