29 August 2012

bird and flower

Hellohello... I've got nothing interesting to write.
So I'll just post this little bird and this little flower.

Remember the self-portrait blue task that's due friday!

26 August 2012

Heart-braid tutorial ♥

Time for another braid tutorial!
I thought I would try and make the heart shaped braid (also called a heartbraid), because every time I've seen one on the internet it has been done so stiff and uninteresting that I figured I needed to show it in a new light. 
You can't get more girly and romantic with a braid than this! I should re-post this on valentines ;)

I have a hard time explaining how to do this so I think the pictures will tell the story! Remember, you make a dutch braid until you reach the top of your V shape, than you continue making an ordinary braid.
Good luck, and don't give up after your first try! Making braids is just like any artform, it takes time to get it right :)

24 August 2012

Treecat and Madara

Last post with images from Latvia, here we have a super cute climbing kitten and super beautiful Madara.
Today is friday and it seems that my first week as an intern is coming to an end. I think I've learned stuff... haha, sometimes a feel a little out of place because I can't assist the creative workers as much as I wish I could. Oh well, most importantly is that I understand how everything work at an advertising agency!

Have a wonderful weekend!

20 August 2012

Little cottage

This is our friends summer house in Latvia. Not so bad huh? It's even nicer inside, all woody yet very modern. And the sea just a few meters away. When we got there I found out to my surprise that my godfather had his summerhouse by the other side of the trees... so after a while he and his big family came walking towards us during the sundown. That's what I like about trips to Latvia, you never know who you'll suddenly meet. I don't meet my godmother anymore but I'm very happy for my relationship with my godfather, he has like us moved to Scandinavia so now he works in Norway.

Today I start a quick 3 week internship at an advertising agency (the same one that I made a complete fool of myself during the interview) I actually like that it's during a rather short time because then I'll have a chance to see if it's for me or not. 

19 August 2012


Some donkeys in the dark and some in the light. All photos from Potenza in Italy.
I really got quite fond of donkeys down in Italy. They look like friendly horses. That's nice.

18 August 2012

Lollo in lamp

A few weeks ago architect student Linn Runeson asked me to take some photos of her glass lamp. It's always flattering when someone asks me to do a photo job, but I also feel just a little bit nervous because I don't want to disappoint the client... haha... every since I photographed that indie band that got really disappointed I've feared ending up there again. Luckily, Linn is easier to work with than musicians :)

I couldn't resist inviting Lollo to one of the photos. And as always he did a good job. Some cat I've got!

15 August 2012

Icelandic foxes

I dedicate this illustration to my sister. Because although she lives in Italy I know that she secretly misses the north now and then. I also know that she wishes she had a knitted fair isle sweater... or an icelandic or norwegian knitted one.
I wish I could see my sister more often. There are many things that only she understands, especially when I need someone to talk to. And well, skype-ing just isn't the same thing! Oh well, maybe she'll come and visit soon.

I had fun drawing this, it's the first things I've dared to scribble with my pencil in a while. But it felt good! It can't feel wrong when you're drawing knitted sweaters, foxes, mountains and cloudy skies... my favorite things :) I just have to work a little more with their faces, fix the fur and the eyes. 

14 August 2012

Joanna Concejo

Illustrations by Joanna Concejo

There are times, when I'm really lucky, that I find an illustrator that I adore. Booooooom featured Joannas illustrations and I fell in love. So charming!
It's time for me to start drawing again soon.
Make sure to visit Joanna's blog.

I went to an advertising agency for an interview today... haha... and as always I pretty mush made a complete fool of myself. They're always wondering why I want to get into the advertising world and I never really know what to say. Interviews are so silly, I feel like they say nothing about a person sometimes. For me it's more like eh, I'm creative...I'm sure you'll find a spot for me somewhere :)

13 August 2012

Uli by the sea

At the bottom are three of Latvia's anniversary coins. So pretty! There are many more, but I especially liked the ones with a pinecone and one with the traditional latvian braided ring.

12 August 2012

11 August 2012

10 August 2012

Sundown in Pavelosta

I rarely photograph sundowns, but this one was very majestic :)
I might have some good news next week... workwise. Let's hope so!

09 August 2012


Top photo, cousin Tomas.
Middle photo, knitted shoes by grandma.
Bottom photo, new cousin Elisabethe, being washed.

08 August 2012

07 August 2012

Latvian food

In the morning, blueberries with cornflakes.
Before lunch, mint and melissa tea with honey.
Lunch, meat pelmeni(similar to dumplings) with smoked fish.

06 August 2012

August task: BLUE

Alright, we're gonna give it one more try!
Some of you were keen on another self-portrait task so here we go.
Next theme will be BLUE. Not as the mood but as the color. It can be a blue landscape, a blue dress, blue water, blue colors... etc.

Send your picture, 600 px wide, before september 1st to info@ulrikakestere.com

Ciao and good luck!

Portrait: Uli

Me and Lollo were laying on the couch like two very lazy potatoes. We were watching project runway thinking it's very difficult to watch all those people get so sad when they're eliminated (that's why I have a hard time watching the olympic games as well... so many end up in tears... crying over failure). I was thinking that I should search for jobs instead of watching tv. But Lollo was so soft with his head resting on my stomach.
After a while I got up and then my phone rang, it was for an sudden interview tomorrow. I looked at Lollo and said, it really is better to just stay put and then the jobs will come to you instead. Hah.
(don't take that advice though, it has only worked today so far :)

01 August 2012

"A magical place" submissions

From the top:
Erin Whittier
Robert Grafström
Sandra Golub
Masha Zarnitsa
Steph Yates
Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard (blog)
My Aina Eriksdotter Gustafsson
Marina Tkhorzhevskaia
Claudia Voglhuber
Lovisa Hedman
Ulrika Kestere

How fun to see your submissions! I'm so happy that so many of you took the time to participate in my little task. Above are my favorites from the ones sent to me. The last one is my own, it's shot on my mothers beach in Latvia. Many of you were inspired by the nature, I'm happy to see this :) Erin who did the top picture was inspired by a midsummer night's dream. My boyfriend participated as well(!), he did the second photo. He really surprised me with the magical mood of the photo.

Should we do another one? Any ideas for a new theme?