31 July 2012

Grandma's house

Inside my grandmothers apartment.
I arrived back home yesterday and had the change to say hello to my boyfriend before he started driving to France this morning. He'll go surfing while I'll be at home searching for a job.

My eyes are hurting a lot... I wonder why that is? Could it be because I've been away form the computer for almost 3 weeks and now it feels strange? Super annoying because there's a lot of work I need to get done on the computer but it feels impossible with these eyes :/

25 July 2012

back to my roots

Hello darlings, just wanted to say that I took a little spontaneous trip to Latvia and will be back with some cozy photos next week. Hope to see you then and I will also post the self portraits from the magical place assignment. Have a wonderful week!

18 July 2012

Dog scribbles

Wobbling around the house, trying to find something I could post on Ulicam. Came over these dog scribbles I had done during one of my last classes... good enough I though and turned on the scanner.

Sorry for my blog absence lately. I've had a pretty rough week and I'm doing a lot of soul searching at the moment. I guess I just reached that limit where I was pushing myself way too hard, never stopping to appreciate what I achieve. And now when it's time to make a decision about my future... well, I want to make sure I do what my heart would appreciate and not what would appear appealing in a crowd. I don't want to work myself to death, or to put so much pressure on my creative side that I kill the fun of it. I've always thought that my ability to achieve a lot of things quickly was what would help me in my hunt for a great job. But now I'm stressing myself out completely. Everything has to be so quick quick quick in my life and I'm starting to get very annoyed at myself and the way I think. I need to learn how to stop and enjoy the little things and how to be much kinder towards myself. 

08 July 2012


When I got the horse print orders in early spring they were so many that I didn't have time to personalize the packages, now I hardly get any orders so when someone ordered two small illustration prints I had some time left to draw on the envelope... I like when I can do that. Because there is something romantic about real mail I think :)
The other picture is just from my shelf at home. I really like the middle framed picture of the dad with his two kids, I found it on the wall in an old factory in Latvia when I was assisting a photographer for a swimwear shoot. I like the drawing framed on the right as well, that one is by Robert :) Actually looking at this picture I realize that very few things are bought by me. The duck, the antler, the cameras, most books... are gifts. Great gifts! 

06 July 2012

Feature in PHOTO+

Whenever I see someone I know featured in a magazine I get, like many people, a little jealous. Sometimes I get really jealous and sometimes I'm just really happy for the person(the last is the mature thing to do :).
I have a little secret to share with you however. The "kick" that you think you'll feel by being featured in a magazine.... is much much smaller than you imagine it to be. It's like those actors who dream about playing the lead role in a big theater production... and then when they're up there... in their dream role... they're just like "well....ok... I don't really feel very much?". I remember I saw an actress talk about this in our public library when I was younger... and that little story really stuck with me. I knew I remembered it because I would relate to it later in life.

However, I am truly grateful for every publication I get, of course! This one is in the Korean magazine PHOTO+ but I have no clue what they have written about me so the text might say that I hate rabbits and that I eat a lot of rubber-boot-pie which is in fact not true at all. Hihi, I liked how the guy sending me all the emails regarding the interview was VERY concerned about how he would translate my name to Korean text. How do you spell Kestere? And I'm like... However!
In my home country Latvia we say "Chestere" and in Sweden people say it in very different ways but I don't consider either to be right or wrong. Heh, but he was like OH MY GOD. Do you know what a disaster it is if I write your last name wrong?? So it all ended with me recording my first and last name and sending him a soundfile. 

04 July 2012


Me photographed by Robert 

Ok. I have thought about this for a long time, and now it's time to give it a try!
When I was in photo school we had these self-portrait tasks every week. I loved that. I want to try and do that here, with you, on ulicam!

So the task goes:
Take a self-portrait, the theme is "A magical place"
Be as creative as you can and pay attention to color and composition.
Email your picture (600 px wide) to me at info@ulrikakestere.com before the deadline August 1st.
Be sure to write your homepage and blog as well (if you have one).
The best ones will be featured on the blog.

If this gets popular I would love to do it every month (and of course I will attend the task as well) but lets see how this first round goes.

So, are you in??

01 July 2012

Winterish summer

When it's summer I often dream about winter. Winter is so quite and cosy. Summer can be very bright and loud. I always read Tove Janssons book "Trollvinter"and now I'm also watching the winter episodes of moomin on tv. Oh my god... they are so good! But even the books, every time I read them... I'm so amazed by how brilliant Tove was as a writer. Trollvinter, Pappan och Havet and Farlig midsummer are the ones I read over and over.
I bought this porcelain-like scarf at a second hand store. I didn't know what to do with it until Lollos hair was all over my sheets so I told him alright Lollo, I will put this scarf out for you, and then you sleep on this and not on the sheets! And so he did. And he looks so beautiful on it.

It's not that I don't appreciate summer. But somehow a season where everyone relaxes stresses me a bit. I'm one of those people who have a hard time doing nothing.