29 June 2012


First photo by Wolf von dem Bussche, Second photo by me

I found a beautiful tumblr that had posted one of my pictures and then I found so much other things on that site that were so... so great. So inspiring and mood-setting. For the first time, during a long time, I felt like scribbling down 10 new ideas for pictures.
I love how we share pictures. Sometimes I just look at the same personal blogs too long... and the people posting are not inspiring at all but simply just complaining about everything and documenting an eventless life. I should really avoid blogs like that. They make me stop dreaming.
I've moved around all the furniture in my room and taken away some things... so it feels like a fresh start after school has ended and I can get going on the exciting things for the future.

Many years ago my mum gave me the photo book "1000 dogs" which is of course one of my absolute favorite books now. The top picture by Wolf von dem Bussche is from that book and one of my all time favorite photos. I love how the dog looks like a black oil puddle... and how the mountains are so perfectly exposed in the background. I think he did a good job in the dark room with this one... getting the light and dark to collaborate beautifully. 

20 June 2012


This was the first time I met a blog-follower... and that also modeled for me!
Quite a luxury :)
Isabella has such nice hair, it's all thick and wavy... and it has a nice hint of red/brown since she colors it with henna. Thank you for the help dear Isabella, hope to see you again some day!
To the rest of you, midsummer is coming up and I wish you a happy one. Me and my mum couldn't find A midsummer night's dream on dvd so we dusted of an old one that I had taped on VHS for like a million years ago... well it started with the VHS-player making strange squeaky noises and then the tape was all over its insides and know the tape just hangs halfway out of the input opening. We didn't see any movie that day...

18 June 2012

Yelena Bryksenkova

Illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova

I've been looking for an artist that would inspire me to include color in my drawings, and boy did this do it for me! How amazing is Miss Bryksenkova? I love love love love her work and wouldn't mind having her fairy tale cooking book.
This makes me happy.
Visit Yelenas Homepage or Blog or Etsy shop.

14 June 2012


I was looking surprisingly confident on this picture, so I chose it from the crowd because I though it was a good mental guideline for me. Confidence! Time to find it.
Tomorrow is our exhibition opening (bachelor and master students). I think it will be open for everyone during the weekend, so if you live in Lund you can come by the architects building (A-huset near lth:s kårhus) and have a look!
After the exhibition we'll have a dinner and the theme is headpiece... and since I'm ledning my top hat to my dad I can't decide wether to put a ship, a bird, a fox or origami on my head. I keep changing my mind. We'll see!

My job-hunt is looking very scattered. Some of that and some of this. In february I wrote on ulicam that I would continue on as a freelance photographer... but of course I'm realizing that I should have some back up jobs in the beginning. I was so proud when I made the decision and now I feel like a little chicken taking the easy way around. It's absurd how much a blog can affect you, if you write that you will do something on your blog and you know that hundreds of people read it... you don't want to fail. But actually family is always trickier... I think too much of what my parents think of my choices.

Jajaja... I won't become a hobo, I know that much, I just have to snap out of it as my boyfriend tells me!

08 June 2012

Superdog Lova

When I was 18 I did a photoproject with dogs. I followed a bunch of ladies that met every morning and walked their dogs for about 2 hours. Some of them were retired and some were on sick leave. I followed them every morning I had available (during my last year of high school) for about one and a half year. It was a great way to really get to know the owners and to really get to know their dogs.
Some dogs where very photogenic and some where pretty much impossible to get a good picture of.
There was one dog however, that stood out from all the rest. Lova. A springer spaniel, but a more athletic hunting breed than the english springer, in sweden it's called stötande springer spaniel because their job is to jump in the high grass and scare the birds away.
She was so funny. Always energetic and happy. Whenever I had a stick in my hand she was standing in front of me, begging for me to toss it. There was nothing she loved more than jumping like crazy. In the end, there was a awkward situation between me and Lovas owner since Lova was getting more and more attached to me and I think she didn't really appreciate the way I kept tossing sticks at her while photograhing. Maybe she was scared that the dog would get hurt in a jump. I fully understood this and tried not to give Lova as much attention after a while. But sometimes it was hard not to, because no one photographed as beautifully as her.

A few weeks ago, I met one of the dogowners while biking into town. I found out that Lova had died in cancer two years ago. I was so suprised... I said goodbye and kept going... but then off course I started crying and my heart just sank. Actually I'm crying right now too because I was so crazy for that dog.
I really wish there is a heaven up there.... and that Lova is able to jump around all day every day and that she is super happy.

Thanks for being so supportive while I'm in my photo-rut by the way. I've already gotten 3 girls volunteering to model for me... and I actually found a new brilliant location... here in my own hometown. So maybe something beautiful will pop up soon :)

03 June 2012


I'm in a photography low. Every time I try to shoot something it turns out crap. I would really like to photograph someone that isn't me. But somehow I've been cursed with not knowing any people that like to have their picture taken.
My sisters cat has given birth to 5 kittens, I wish I could be there and watch them sleep. But I guess I'll have to keep watching Lollo take naps instead. 

01 June 2012

11 questions

I got 11 questions by follower Anna. Off course I'm a bit behind on this but obviously it's a thing now in the blog-world :)

What were you like five years ago?
Five years ago I was in my second year of photography studies. I was a scholarship student and had keys to all the doors at the school. I loved having responsibility and being free to create my own projects and schedule. I think I was somewhat an attention whore but honestly I suspect I still am. I was running around with my long hair and laughing to loudly, just like today.

What kind of person will you be after 10 years?
I hope I will be laughing as loudly then too, but hopefully I’ll have matured and I’ll be facing challenges in life more calmly. Ideally I’ll have a good network of clients and won’t have to search for work the same way I do today.

What’s your favorite word in its meaning and why?
Tramsig. A Swedish word for frivolous (a person doing nonsense things)… because for me being tramsig is just about the same as being fun. I wish more people weren’t afraid of making an ass of themselves or to joke about their silly qualities.

What words sounds most beautiful?
Toffs. Swedish word for tassle.

What engages you?
Photography, art and animals.

If you could chose between living in a time of your choice before 1970 or in the future that you don’t know the outcome of, what would you chose?
Huu…. Difficult. The future is uninteresting for me… but I know that I would have problems with the hygien, lack of medicine and female rights  if I choose an elder time. Well… I think I would be a farmer during 1850, maybe that could be something!

Do you like the morning or late evening/night and why?
The morning. I wake up quite early and love the calm atmosphere that exists during sunrise. All the crazy people are sleeping… only the old people and dogowners are awake ;)

Do you like Sweden?
Yes! Sweden is beautiful and ahead of a lot of countries when it comes to eco-thinking and medical rights. I only wish that the traditional song and dance culture would be more interesting… you know, something exciting like Spanish guitar and flamenco :)

If you could create a new place at the size of 100x100 meters, what would be on that place in order for you to feel your best?
There would be a forest, cottages, a small lake, a meadow, a hallow tree growing on an underground cave, foxes, rabbits and owls, a small wooden workshop, a gazebo and a bakery.  At the far end of the land there would be a small castle, surrounded by a beautiful garden with nicely smelling flowers. And yes… poofy big dogs everywhere!

Where would you rather be right now?
Bathing in a hot spring on Iceland whilst northern light is dancing above.

Do you know any blogs that you would like to recommend?
I'ingénue (frogs and crowns), La Princesse Endormie and Julia have great cozy picture!

And then I guess the game continues by me asking 11 new questions? I will send these to Tovelisa and Signe, maybe they'll answer :) If a reader answers, please let me know because I love getting to know more about my followers!

1. What's your dream hair? Long blonde... curly red... afro...?
2. Do you have a goal that you have to accomplish before 2013?
3. If you would wear a hat every day, how would it look?
4. If you would ever be saved by an animal, what would you be saved from and what animal would it be? Use your imagination!
5. What would the coolest self-portrait of you look like?
6. If you could play a role in a movie, what would it be and what kind of movie would it be in?
7. Where would you rather be, in a gazebo in the forest or in a small boat in a lake?
8. If your were a bee-keaper, how much honey would you eat?
9. What frightens you?
10. Dream magazine to be featured in?
11. Dream magazine to work for?