15 December 2012

Little winter birds

So, my sister has asked me to post something because she's bored. So here are some birdies :)
We've bought a little bird house were we keep birdfood so now we can se the little ones from the kitchen window. These are not shot from our window thought... and yes...that's not a real owl ;)


  1. Ooooh, thank you thank you..they are sooo cuuuuuteeee!!! I've tried to find birdfood and birdhouses here in the south of Italy....and everybody in the garden stores and pet stores and regular stores just stares at me as if I was a crazy woman asking for an alive snake to put in the garden. They have no interest whatsoever feeding little "boring" birdies...mah...so weird! I will have to do as granpa' did and just put some fat bacon on a nail outside the window!!! kisses from boring land

  2. I think the first one is having way too big lunch :D
    I love to observe birds from my window as well. I think I have to begin feed those, since they have eaten all the rowan berries ^^

  3. aw, they're sweet. pretty wintery pictures! xx

  4. Oh my, a real owl in your garden? I envy you so much!