10 December 2012

The white tent #1

Finally, it's begun! After the 7 horses project I've been wanting to start something new. It has taken a year but today I did the first shoot for my new series. I always try to find ways in which I can include dogs in my projects... mainly because I think that they're amazing creatures and that there is way too few good photo projects with dogs. However, many dogs don't have that photogenic look. They simply look too energetic and goofy. That's great for some projects but not for the one I had in mind.
One day however, I met the great pyrenees Laura. Right away, I knew that she was the one I had been looking for. The theme started with her. Then I thought of the white cotton tent and the journey Laura would make.
The true story behind the photos often becomes clearer to me while shooting, so I might have a few frames left before I can tell you about it.

Your comments for my moomin snowhouse were so sweet. Thank you, it's always more fun to create when I know I have a great audience to show it to later :)


  1. Jeg gleder meg til å se resten av historien! Du er så utrolig flink!

  2. OMG - I <3 her face! My Pyr needs a tent now, too!

    1. YES! All dogs should have fancy cotton tents :)

  3. this will be another incredible nordic story, I just know it!

  4. I used to know a GRAND Pyrenees. But she would never fit in this little tent, lol :p

  5. this is beautiful! good luck with the new project, i really can't wait to see the rest x

  6. magic atmosphere!
    laura looks like a queen, queen of snow maybe!
    waiting for the next foto of this serie :)

  7. Almost every day small children discuss whether Laura´s a polar bear, a wolf or a lion. She´s "cinderellaish" for sure; when she first turned up in the middle of the night she was but a shadow - but almost immediately her beautiful soul shone through, and going through many ordeals to heal Laura showed a true lion´s heart. Now with her full majestic gown grown back it mirrors that she´s nothing short of a marvel.


  8. really looking forward to see more of your photos on this new series!