04 December 2012

Kick-sledding fox

If you're an owner of this years calendar this is the last illustration in it.
Kick-sledding fox is now available in the Society6 shop. Free shipping until sunday if you use that link!

I'll be removing the 7 horses photos from the shop soon... so if you want a copy get it within the next weeks. I think I want to keep the shop mainly with illustrations.

Also, our local post-office has informed about the dates to which we need to post things in order for them to arrive before christmas. So if you want to buy the calendar and give it away as a holiday gift, you need to order before these dates:
Within Sweden: 20th December
Within the EU (including Switzerland, Norway and Iceland): 14th December
Rest of Europe: 7th December
Outside the EU: 7th December



  1. Awww that illustration is so cute!

  2. Vilken vacker illustration. Påminner mig om min barndoms Lappland

  3. Love Love Love the fox and babies and your illustrations.

  4. helå! jeg vil så gjerne gi bort kalenderen din til mamma til jul i år. nrå må jeg bestille for å være sikker på at den er i Oslo før 22. desember?

    1. Ja, jag skulle beställa idag om jag var du! Posten säger ju 14 december för Norge, men jag skulle nog hellre posta den den 10:e för att vara säker!