22 December 2012

How cute

The cute ones, Holly refusing to continue walking and Robbi looking all handsomeish in the wild.

How is your christmas looking? Is anyone going away to a cottage in the forest to spend some days in front of the fire with a big dog while a snowstorm tickles the windows? I wish I could do that? Aaahh... I have this dreamspace in my mind... the perfect little cottage. All in dark wood, always smelling like pancakes and freshly baked bread and meatballs. Someone knitting a big icelandic sweater in a rocking chair. A big furry dog lying on his back sighing in his sleep. Someone reading an old novel and two people playing some silly board game. An open fire and a few lit candles. Maybe someones playing the flute... or a piano... but there wouldn't be a tv or a stereo...and for gods sake..no cellphones blibbing and farting all over the place.
Just so so calm and peaceful. Maybe when I'm old, I'll be the old granma in the chair knitting the sweater.
Do you have a resembling happy-place?


  1. Åh, så vackert fantiserat. Jag tänker mig någonting liknande redan i år. Kommer ha fullt hus av släkt och familj, en 56 kilos boerboel-hanne som sveper omkull granen och river upp julklapparna. Själv tänker jag sticka i en fåtölj, kanske inte islandströja riktigt än för det är för svårt, men en kofta i alla fall. Blir knappast så harmoniskt som i din dröm, men jag längtar.

    Fast när Karl-Bertil levererar klappar till samhällets missunnade vill jag se det hela på dumburken ändå. Men bara då.

  2. I have an identical dog:)! and I am also dreaming of, what you wrote about.

  3. Läser din blogg då och då och kom att tänka på dig när jag såg dessa:


    God jul!

  4. I want to be in this cottage for Christmas. I'll bring the board games and the meatballs, you bring the candles and the dog. I may not come out until spring...
    Such beautiful photos, and equally inspiring text.
    Merry Christmas!

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