31 December 2012

Best of 2012

2012 has been a very exciting year for my blog. It all started with The Girl with Seven Horses that I published in january. It's the first project I've done that has really spread through the internet like a fire. Booooooom just put it in their Top 15 of 2012 list. And it's my only post where I've recieved over 100 comments. I'm truly thankful for the amazing support from my fans and followers. Posters from the series where ordered from all over the world, from Australia to Brazil, from Canada to Portugal. Thank you!

My animated braid GIF also turned into a favorite on tumblr, I found pages where it had been shared 90 000 times! Unfortunately, that was before I put the water-stamp on it and therefor my blog never recieved any new followers by this little GIF. But that's how tumblr works I guess?

My sister came to visit and I shot one of my favorite photos from this year of her. My sister is visiting now too and I'm always thankful when she flies home from Italy. She has always been really supportive of what I do and always makes me feel like a super important artist :)

My vintage dresses fromt he opera kept joining me in my self-portraits. The top picture is shot in my old photo-schools studio when I flew up in march to teach. I had a one week workshop where the theme was dreamy fairytale photos. The school is called Lofoten Folkhøgskole and is in the very north of Norway. They have a new catalogue now, I'm even on page 9 or something.
All the nordic and fishermen themes in my illustrations comes from my years there.

In april I presented my bachelor project Puzzled S[h]elf and was pretty much finished with my three years at Ingvard Kamprad Design Center here in Lund. I learned a lot during these three years but as it's looking now I'm searching for work as a graphic designer and not as and industrial designer. Click here to see more projects that I did during my education.

After my presentation I took a one week holiday at my sisters in Italy. I played with her dog and cat and with their two big horses. They are renovating a big "castle" and the top photo is taken in the castles old kitchen. The bottom is of me in the stables braiding Abes tail.

For my mums birthday I illustrated the picture above. It's still one of my favorites. I really like all the recent illustrations I've made... and have a pretty hard time looking at my old since I think they're somewhat terrible.

In june I complained about the fact that I pretty much had no one to photograph so one of my readers, Isabella, contacted me and told me she could help me out. It was the first time I ever met a reader that I didn't know from before. But it wasn't as scary as I thought :) I had found this great location in my own little town so I photographed Isabella there.

In july I made a last minute decision to go with my mum to my home county Latvia. We lived by the beach and I got in touch with my roots again. It was good for me because this was a pretty tricky summer to get through.

For a few months we had self-portraits tasks on ulicam open for anyone to join. In the end there were very few people delivering photos so I decided to end it. Haven't heard any complains so maybe it was for the best :)

In september I opened my shop! That was so much fun, I'm so thankful that sites like Society6 exist, what an incredible place for artists to sell their work. Seeing t-shirts and iphone cases with my illustrations on instagram and blogs is incredible.

In november I started selling my calendars as every year, it's been a lot of turns to the post office and a lot of stamp-shopping but of course completely amazing that you support my little foxes and cats and are wiling to have them on the wall all of 2013.

The years last posts included some very cute rabbits (I'm sorry to tell you that Ryan recently died) and beautiful Laura has entered a new project that will continue next year.

So, I will wrap this up by thanking you for all the support and that you keep returning to my site! It's been a great year for the blog with a lot of new followers. Even my facebook page has gone from 0 to 1863 likes in one year. My official homepage got a great facelift during the summer and is now frequently updated. My shop will keep selling new illustrations all year.
I hope I will see you next year too.
Happy new year!

- Ulrika Kestere


  1. What a great year of 2012! Happy New Year 2013 :))

  2. So many valuable things happened to you this year... For 2013 i wish you even more!

  3. Hej!

    Amanda heter jag, och är en av de ansvariga på en helt ny svensk sida, kallad Picci.
    Picci går ut på att man delar det som man blir inspirerad av, oavsett om det är citat eller heminredning och mode.
    Man kan enkelt följa andra användare och se vad de gillar.

    Vi söker just nu efter personer som bloggar och vill vara med om att skapa en sida där varje användare har möjlighet att påverka och ta fram innehållet.
    Du behöver dock inte ha någon blogg eller hemsida alls, det går lika bra utan!
    Vi letar därför efter personer som har intresse inom något av följande områden:

    Arkitektur, Barn, Bilar & Motorcyklar, Bröllop, Citat, Dammode, Design, DIY & Hantverk, Djur, Film, Musik & Böcker, Fotografi, Hår & Skönhet, Hälsa & Fitness, Heminredning, Herrmode, Humor, Illustrationer & affischer, Kändisar, Konst, Mat & Dryck, Nördigt, Produkter, Resor & Evenemang, Sport, Tatueringar, Teknologi, Utomhus, Vetenskap & Natur

    Oavsett vad du gillar, Mode, Smink eller Musik så är Picci en sida där du kan dela med dig av det du älskar till alla andra användare!

    Just nu har vi 100st platser där vi släpper in personer - och det är de första 100 som får tillgång.
    Alla andra får invänta tills vi släpper fler inbjudningar.

    Om du vill ha en inbjudan, så skriver du in din mail på http://www.picci.se/invite och ansöker om en inbjudan, när du gjort detta så skall jag se till så du har tillgång direkt!

    Kundtjänstansvarig Picci.se

  4. Hei Ulrika! Bloggen din gir meg stor glede å lese, å oppleve er kanskje bedre! Jeg ønsker deg lykke til med alle dine prosjekter, og et godt nytt år på alle måter!

  5. It was such a delight to discover your blog this year -- it has brought me so much inspiration and joy. I look forward to seeing your projects in the new year, and wish you the best NYE. Cheers!

  6. Thank you for posting your photos and illustrations, always a treat and inspirational to look at.

    Happy new year!


  7. Wow, all that in 2012! Congratulations on all your successes, and thanks for sharing them. I really think a lot more attention is going to come your way this year with all the beautiful things you make and photograph. Best best best of luck x

  8. Great review in a year! Wishing you tons of luck for 2013. God bless you :)

  9. Keep up all the wonderful work, Uli!! You are so appreciated, unique and have an eye like no other. Happy New Year to you!

  10. I wish you a happy, happy new year!!! All the best for 2013!

    And by the way: Your work is incredible!!!

  11. nice 2012 review!
    wish you have a good new year
    & achieve lots of your goals!

    so sad that ryan rabbit died. :(

  12. jag hittade fram till din fina sida under slutet av hösten, och självporträttuppgifterna var en av sakerna som gjorde att jag fastnade. tyckte att det var ett fint och ambitiöst koncept. sååå, synd att höra att de inte fortsätter. jag som var sugen på att delta ... nåväl! det var kul att se omgångarna som det blev. och tack för en mycket inspirerande blogg i övrigt!

  13. Hello! I know I only participated in the last self-portrait task, but just wanted to let you know that I totally enjoyed them and planned to do more. It was good to have an inspiration for artistic motivation. But I understand letting it go for more fruitful projects. I still get inspired by your blog regularly. Thanks!

  14. Oh no, I was going to make the monthly self portrait a new years resolution! I really enjoyed looking at the entries and though I didn't submit last year I was looking forward to it this year. But I will love your blog anyway and love my Girl with Seven Horses print (bought as a Xmas present to self!) Keep up the great work!

  15. all your photos and drawings are so inspirational. i love your blog!!! so beautiful, dreamy and original.

  16. Recently discovered your blog, it is so amazing & Inspiring! Sounds like you've had a great year, please keep doing what you are doing :) Your work is beautiful.

  17. tasneem from south africaJanuary 11, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    i really enjoyed the assignments you gave us but truthfully i never sent one in because i would wander around thinking of what i could shoot and then when i was reading your post on the theme of tea time i realised d u h these are just like my assignments at school and i regretted never trying your monthly themes.

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