01 December 2012

A selfish favor

Dear readers,
There are times when I stumble upon something of mine at your blogs, instagram or facebook. For a creative person, seeing your work in someone else's home is really an awarding thing!
So, if there was one thing I could wish from you this christmas, it would be that the ones of you that have something by me; photograph it in your home or with you, and send it to me at ulrikakestere@gmail.com
It might be a really selfish thing to ask, buuuut what the heck...


  1. I ordered one of your lovely illustrations on a pillow cover recently, I don't have it in yet but I'll make sure to send you a photo when I do :)!

  2. Uli, do you do Christmas cards, please?

    1. http://society6.com/UlrikaKestere/cards?page=1
      Check it out in the shop. You can get a 10 pack for 20 dollars.

  3. I love your illustrations, they make me so happy! I've told my man I want a print for Christmas, and if I get one I'll happily take a pic for you! :)