01 November 2012

Teatime submissions

Claudia Voglhuber
Figs and Walnuts, I know I love adding these things with my teadrinking. However... I'm completely crazy for crackers so there would be a bunch of these too. I love how she captured the smoke of the blown out candle.

Jessica Rawlings
This photo is so sweet. I like the expression of the models.

Fransisca Angela
That chocolate cake...huu huu

Hella Janson
Hella took this photo with her old Zenit camera while having rose tea with a an Apatosaurus.

Uli's Father
My dad entered the assignment with what he calls "Shaky midnight tea with drinks". Dad I'm sorry, but I took the liberty of removing the frame, I think it looks less pretentious this way ;D

Barbara Luns
These chestnut animals reminded me of something I made when I was little. Chestnuts are so friendly, all shiny and smooth :)


  1. very nice contributions! The chocolate cake really looks awesome!