17 November 2012

Prepare for winter, part I

Dear Uli,
I have an idea for a post. I'm about to move from a very sunny climate to a very cold one in December. I know it gets quite chilly there in Sweden and I wonder if you'd consider doing a post on how you bundle up to keep warm. What do you do to make you wintry wear stylish and warm?

I love when readers request posts! There is quite a lot to know about how to stay warm and cosy during winter, but since I don't know at what end to start I'll just start here.

First of all, winter means getting colds. It's cold so you get a cold. Well, you often don't get a cold because you're cold but because you sit inside all day and a lady sneezes at you on the bus. So it's important to boost your immune system with the right things. Here are the three basics I use a lot during winter. The ginger and lemon do great for a lemon drink that I've mentioned in a post last christmas.
A great way to eat the garlic is to roast it in the oven for about 30 minutes and then put some oil or butter on it. You don't have to peel it or anything. When it's been in the oven it isn't as "harsh" in the taste and it's super easy to just press out all the garlics. But if you hate smelling like garlic there are always garlic-pills, but pills often don't feel as exotic as eating the real thing :)
So if you feel a little icky-ish in the throwt, eat a whole roasted garlic and drink one big cup of ginger and lemon tea, trust me, you'll feel better the next day!

Mittens mittens mittens! Suddenly your grandma's gifts aren't so bad. If they're knitted tightly and in real wool the rain will even have a hard time getting through the material. And remember, a woolen mitten will warm you even when it's wet, a polyester one won't. My mittens get holes really fast because I ride my bike alot. Somehow they way I hold the handlebar really tears on the thumb and left side of the palm. I should sew on leather pieces there. But I don't. Shame on me.
I often have a thin innermitten in my larger woolmittens, preferably one of merino or angora wool.

Socks. Need I say more. Warm feet makes a happy baby. And I think that there are few things as good looking as nice wool socks pulled over your jeans in brown leather boots.

Knowing how to cuddle up. Lollo is a perfectionist at this. Every day he practices this for many hours. It's not easy he says. You really have to free your mind. Make a place for yourself at home that is 100% cuddly-warm-nice-ish. A place where you sip your tea and read fairy-tale books whilst sighing quietly to yourself. 


  1. Ååååååååååååh vad Lollo myser pa den sista bilden..det ser ut som att han tror att farpladen ar hans mommy :D

  2. :D I have all of the above apart from the last crucial element: the cat. Ah what a shame, what a shame! :P

  3. thanks for the tips! i tried the ginger, lemon, with honey in hot water, it tastes delicious!! and i helped beat off the sickness that was teasing me!