05 November 2012


I set my alarm to 7 a.m this morning. Then I lit some candles and had my own yoga session for an hour. My cat observes me very suspiciously when I do this, he is not used seeing me in strange positions.
I'm happy I'm calm enough to do this. 5 months ago I woke up at 5 a.m, drenched in sweat, heart beating and hyper ventilating. Long story short... I had some real anxiety attacks when school ended. The fact that I had no clue what waited for me in the future terrified me.
Now... I don't know. I don't really care the same way I guess. I could be a hotel receptionist as well... I think a good place and good colleagues makes you happier than a nice title.
What are your thoughts about this?


  1. It took me five years between graduating and finding a career path that is suitable, and there were lots of different kinds of jobs in between. I think you have a career ahead as an artist/photographer/illustrator & you are making a good start here. It will come you just have to keep at it and jump at every opportunity. You're very talented.

  2. I had the job that seemed like a perfect fit for my degree and career path, yet my art director was terrible (in so many ways) and the fluorescent lighting and time-clock I had to punch and ugly cubicle walls were suffocating me. Now I'm going to spend the winter waitressing and making lattes and I feel a million times better. I've had adventures and freedom and so much more happiness since I left the steady paycheck behind. And now I have a cozy new home in the mountains with friends, good co-workers and more freedom. I think if you consistently market yourself on the blog and gain exposure opportunities will come your way. And at the least, you gain time to make a plan. When I worked in the creative field I was constantly too exhausted to do my own work on the side. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Angela, I will remember your story and words of wisdom!

  3. I also suffer from panic attacks, not very nice :(
    It truly has to do with some kind of fear of uncertain future.
    I also stand up very very early these days and I try to meditate and also I like to do yoga.
    Sometimes it helps me when I think of that there is no real safety to find in the outside. Also a good job with lots of money is not a real safety. In the end all you can take with you from that planet when you go are your feelings and experiences and therefor I try to be happy in the first place and accept every situation that comes, also when it is bad, because we can not really know if it is really bad in the end or just another path leading somewhere good.

  4. Ah Uli, I'll be the one looking to your stories as I'm only in 2nd year uni and I'm only wondering about these things, until they arrive (wah!). I think as long as you are selling things online that are fully your creations, then that can only develop into good and better things. So you're already on the right track that way, even if it's only a small portion of what you want to do.
    I'm excited to see this illustration when it's done, but it already looks lovely and cozy with that smoke coming out of the pipe :)

  5. I would love to buy this drawing when it's finished! Such a great expression on a cat's face! A philosopher!

  6. it's so true that good colleagues
    are much more important than a good title
    I have personally experienced that
    I have been there, where you are now
    not knowing
    I grew calmer with the years ;^))
    the best to do is
    keep close and true to yourself

  7. I must agree with Angela. I have a similar story. Went pretty nuts in my twenties spending creative energy on other people's art (literally). Now I work at a lovely little cafe and concentrate on my art work. Poor in money but rich, rich life! Yeah, it's scary, but not as scary as me turning myself into a zombie by not living a creative life. You can do it, Uli!