27 November 2012


Lollo has been pretty nice today so he deserves to be the portrait of todays post.
I might be, actually, finished with me graphic design portfolio. It's a great feeling. Now I can actually start applying for jobs again. I've sort of had to take a little break from applying because I was getting nowhere with my current portfolio that was kinda a mess. Fox illustrations and girls with braids, agencies really didn't get how I could help out at their office. Hopefully I've put something together now that'll show that I'm capable of more than fox drawings. If you like I can post a few spreads from the portfolio on the blog as well.


  1. Hi Ulrika :) Thought that I would leave a comment, since I very much enjoy your blog! I'm really not much of a blog reader (or should I say I wasn't?) untill I recently discovered yours by coincidence. Your artwork and photography really inspires me! And your fairytale universe with foxes, mist and magic is a lot similar to the artwork I make myself (which you can see on my very un-updated webpage.. hmm). I never knew that bloggin was so great at inspiring and sharing ideas?! So I think I'm gonna make a blog of my own :) (And in time a more attracting webpage than the current..) Anyway, I'm looking forward to see more of your work on Ulicam - and thanks for an amazing, inspiring blog!
    Lots of admiration and good thoughts from
    Marie, Denmark.

    1. Thank you Marie! I know what you mean though, there are so many un-inpspiring blogs that you kinda loose hope at finding one that you really want to stick with. I have yet to find one that truly speaks to me... and the few I have are those kind that only update once a month... and then you sort of forget about them.
      I really liked this illustration of yours:

      So funny :)

    2. Thanks:) Actually it's a bad photo of the illustration.. well:) It's a paraphrase of Manets "Luncheon on the Grass". And it's quite big (it measures about 100x70 cm) so it took a while drawing it. I would really love to see some spreads from your new portfolio:) And I wish you the best of luck in the search for a exiting, challenging job!

  2. Very brave that you made a new portfolio! I know from experience that it's sometimes very hard to look with different eyes to your own work.
    I'm looking forward to see your new spreads :-) Your work is always very beautiful!!
    Good luck, hope you will find the job your looking for!

    1. Thank you Darja. Yes, I've been sending it out to friends to get comments as well, which is something I normally don't do because I'm usually so sensitive at receiving critique, but I'm finally realizing that it will only improve my work and that I should embrace that!

  3. Hej Ulrika,
    I would love to see some spreads of your portfolio. I myself work as a graphic designer and it's very difficult to make a good portfolio. Love your photography and detailed drawings. I'm reading your blog for a few months now. It has become my morning routine. Kids to school and when i'm home i make coffee and start 'my engine' (read Macbook). My coffecup is large, so i have plenty time reading the blogs i follow.....
    Wish you luck finding the perfect creative job for you! You're very talented, so it won't take long!
    Bye bye, maaike

    1. Hi, thank you for your sweet comment, I love that I'm a part of someones morning routine :)

  4. I would LOVE to see some spreads from your portfolio! I have been trying to make a new one for months now and haven't gotten anywhere! maybe you will inspire me! THanks!

  5. i would love to see some pieces
    of your grafic design portfolio.
    & good luck with job applies!

    Lollo is handsome as always!