12 November 2012

Library Inspiration

When followers ask me how to find new inspiration, I often advise them to stop web-browsing and look at books instead. I mean sure, our public library isn't that rich with photographic or artistic books (unless you wan to stare at Monet paintings and Magnum photographers all day). But they do have a lot of great stuff, I find most my inspiration from animal books or books about outdated clothstyles. Above are some of my recent inspiration photographed from some books at the library.
What's fun about this is that you often see pictures that are forgotten in time. The nice pictures on the web have been around on pinterest, tumblr, blogs, weheart it... you name it. It's been seen by so many already which means that A LOT of people are inspired by the same images and therefor often create very similar things.
So, look for inspiration were others don't!


  1. haha alltså den hundbilden, så underbar! :)

  2. I also think books are often the best source for inspiration, I'm happy that my parents have such a big collection of books, my mom has so many art books, it's just like I have a library at home. :)