22 November 2012

Free shipping thru monday

My print shop (not calendar shop) is offering FREE shipping thru monday. I was afraid that they wouldn't do this until after the holidays, but it looks like we're in luck.
Remember, if you have any requests for prints, let me know and I'll add it to the shop.

P.S They've even got pillows now!


  1. Nice photos and illustrations!
    I would really like to hear your voice :)

  2. your place looks really cosy!
    & i really like your horses photo series.
    and we have the same pillow from ikea dear uli :)

  3. One get's shopaholic looking at your things...now I desperately need pillows with your stamps!!!!!Meee looove pillows

  4. Blir verkligen helt spellbound av din illustrationsstil! Du verkar leva i ett väldigt fint universum, skulle inte du kunna posta lite av var du hittar inspiration till dina illustrationer, typ i vardagen, andra illustratörer etc?
    kram har följt din blogg länge men är dålig på att kommentera, man glömmer liksom hur värt det är.

    1. Hej, tack så mycket! Om du kikar på min inspirations etikett:
      har jag över 100 inlägg om andra konstnärer eller bloggar jag inspireras av!

  5. Oh great! I really love your work :) I got one of your prints recently and I'd love to get some more! I really like this one too - can you add this to your shop? http://ulicam.blogspot.ch/2012/09/a-little-blue-house.html I wonder who lives there :)