13 November 2012


While looking for a job you often feel like this. Just flying around, having no idea where you are or what's going on. I wish I knew more people! You find your job through contacts. Well, what if you have no contacts?? Duuuuh.
If I don't find work soon I might get too comfortable making soups, going to yoga class and sitting in the sauna. And now where would that get me...
You don't want to end up leaving your keys on the table!
You know who does that? Prostitutes apparently (someone told me). Well, not now, but back in the day.  Keys on the table meant hey I'm available come get me. So parents told their daughters to never leave their keys on tables. Haha.


  1. It is so true! Last month I've started to think about getting a part-time job... I've been searching the web but honestly it's impossible to find a good job there. No contacts? Big problem. I totally understand.

    1. Yeah, but I mean, there has to be people without contacts who have found jobs too... we just have to work 10 times as hard to find it!

  2. i am in love, with this concept! simple and beautiful! Hope you're job hunting goes well, I know how that feels... but it only gets better. promise.

    Neil B.