22 October 2012

Skäralid & Kopparhatten

Most Swedes that move from the north down to us here in the south think that there is no forests here. It might look very flat most of the time, but a few turns here and there and you'll find a little forest. Maybe not a huge one, but a forest never the less.
This weekend, we took a trip to Skäralid. A 40 min drive from my home, a forest that has its primetime during autumn. When the evening came my body was exhausted from all the fresh air. It was almost as if I didn't have strength to play Bohnanza... but I did! And I won twice :D If you don't know what Bohnanza is... it's a bean-game and it's like the best game ever! I didn't really play boardgames until I met my boyfriend, but when you find one you like it's really fun.


  1. Bohnanza is the best game ever!! I'm almost constantly trying to convince my boy we should play it, but it doesn't happen very often. This might be a good time to try it again though!

    1. Riiiiiight! But it's most fun if you're 3 or 4 people!

  2. Such a beautiful forest ~ with all those autumn colours (its the best season, I think).

  3. beautiful autumn on a first photo!

  4. I miss the autumn so much...
    And this one is amazing!