19 October 2012

Reading about whales

Painter and architect student Linn Runeson asked me if I could draw an illustration for her boyfriends birthday. She gave me full artistic freedom to draw whatever I wanted... I thought that was very nice!
This drawing is about relationships. How one is often a morning-person and the other one is a night-person. How you really want to spend time together but often one falls asleep. It's like this in my relationship. My boyfriend has real trouble getting up in the mornings and he thinks it's very unfair that I don't have any trouble with it at all.
The illustration is also about being passionate for things... the way one person in the relationship might LOVE whales and be completely fascinated by them and the other one might LOVE hats. The whale lover might not see what's so great about hats, but I think differences in interests is very important. You shouldn't agree on everything.
 My boyfriend might not see what's so great about dogs, and I might not know what's so great about bugs :)

The print can be purchased HERE


  1. jeg elsker hvaler og jeg elsker bildet. kommer du til å selge det i butikken din?

    1. Ja! Det hade jag glömt bort... ska strax lägga upp den :)

  2. vilken helt underbar illustation!

  3. love it! älskar sådana illustrationer!

  4. I completely agree with you. Your drawing is lovely ... <3

  5. Beautiful illustration ~ and I love the story behind it too.

  6. I am in love with your blog! Your photos and illustrations are just so nice its really inspiring!

  7. So a wonderful drawing!!! I especially love the two pets with mane. :D