04 October 2012

October task: TEATIME

All images are from weheartit

Please read the rules of this months assignment!
About the assignment: Teatime, or fika as we say in swedish, is a moment where you take time with yourself or share stories and cookies with your friends. This months photograph does not have to be a self-portrait (but it can be if you want). It can be cats drinking tea. It can be a pattern made with tealeafs. It can be a still life photograph of teapots and cookies. Above all, I'm looking for a cozy photograph... because drinking tea is pretty cozy.. and hey, it's autumn so what else is there to do? 

Type of photograph: Any, does not have to be a self-portrait
Theme: Teatime
Format: 600 px wide and preferably not vertical formats. 
Deadline: 31 October
Submission: Send to info@ulrikakestere.com

Good Luck!


  1. Blast...what autumn? We still have almost 30 degrees here in the middle of the day :S..I am meeelting away...I will try and participate though this time anyway..maybe make a "tea in the sahara" theme out of it :D..let's pray my computer comes soooooon! LOVE to my lovely <3

    1. Jaaa var med! Shit...30 grader! Helt absurt ju, här är det bara regn regn och 13 grader :)

  2. Riktigt fina bilder du hittat o fin blogg du har. Kika gärna in på min sida, finns massvis med inspiration jag tror du skulle gilla skarpt :) Kram o ha en underbar torsdag ^^

  3. What a wonderful theme! :) I love drinking tea, especially when it's cold outside. :D So excited to see the submissions!
    Best wishes, Yoojin

  4. Yesss! I LOVE this prompt. I can't wait to see all the photos.