22 September 2012

Lund, part three

A few more houses and some images from a really cute store we have. I wish there were more of these!
I feel like I'm portraying Lund almost to sweetly!

So you know I mentioned that I would be photographing apartments as a part time gig... well... they sort of never got back to me they way I thought... and then yesterday they wrote me an email saying that the market in my area is really bad at the moment at that there won't be any work for me at this time. I just felt so stupid. I remember thinking "I feel like I'm being tricked" when I signed the agreement... and then I thought I needed to stop being so negative. And when I went to Göteborg for the course they told me that I would have plenty of work.
Well, crap on the carpet... it looks like I've just got to keep fiddling with my portfolio and look elsewhere.
I think we bloggers talk too much about our achievements, but in order to keep things real and to avoid making our readers wondering why life is so simple for some - the crappy parts need to be mentioned now and then too. Not too often because then it comes a sad blog. But now and then.


  1. nice pictures :)


  2. http://vimeo.com/35396305 you might like it :)


  3. Det blir så sällan att man kommenterar, ville mest kommentera nu för att säga att jag verkligen uppskattar din blogg! Håller själv på att traggla med vad man ska göra i livet (i mitt fall, satsa på konsten eller plugga vidare något mer akademiskt) och det är inte lätt men alltid lika roltigt att läsa din blogg och få inspiration! Hoppas du snart får napp! Du är superduktig!


  4. Riktigt fina foton du har tagit i Lund! Jag bor i Malmö så jag hatar ju Lund (såklart) men det ser fatktiskt himla mysigt ut!

    1. Haha, jag visste inte att man behövde hata Lund om man bodde i Malmö

  5. Sorry about the apartment job. You never know, maybe they will call you in a few years!