25 September 2012

Lund, part four

On the top photo is the university library. If you don't know it already, Lund is most famous for its many students. When they all go away during summer it becomes disturbingly calm. The sculpture on the left is an old one that used to be on top of the universities main building, but now they have more fancy polished ones. This angel doesn't even have a nose(!) oh no!
Then we have the building for astronomy... or something else to do with stars. I'm not sure actually. And the last picture is of my favorite sculptures in Lund. Near the university library there is a iron girl blowing a kiss to a rabbit. I love the artist that has made them. We had some sculptures by her at our elementary school as well, the only iron art I've seen in a city that isn't some abstract blob no one likes.

It seems Society6 had free shipping thru sunday, just so you know!


  1. everything looks so beautiful :) neve rbeen in Lund even though I live in sweden!

  2. makes me miss this cute little town.

  3. This pictures make me feel a little homesick. There are insperational, maybe you should try and sell them to a turist agency or lunds kommun!

    1. HIhi, jo jag har faktiskt tänkt på att samla ihop en bunt och skicka till turistbyrån :)

  4. This place looks incredible! It makes me want to travel so much!!



  5. the tree reflecting in the pool of water is so gorgeous. i love your eye for photography and your handling of subjects, as if you give them so much energy and life. it's wonderful.


    cheers, Vanessa

  6. Flera av de här bilderna har jag också fotograferat - bland annat UB och flickan med kaninen, när jag skulle flytta från Lund. Det gjorde fysiskt ont att lämna alla dessa små minnesmärken i livet. Särskilt min vän Carl Linneaus, som står nere vid Stadsbiblioteket. Han brukade alltid få en blomma i handen av mig.