26 September 2012

A little blue house

This is actually an old illustration I dug up from my files. It was in one of those sad "children book" files where I've started drawing for a story but never finished. I hate that drawing a children's book is so hard for me. But I look at it like this... if it's too hard for me now, it just means that I need to mature a bit more and maybe I'll be able to finish it after a few years.
Anyway, I thought I would practice coloring again so that's what I've spend my day with so far. I'm super slow when I color in the computer. Maybe I need to ask my boyfriend to teach me some tricks... 


  1. This is beautiful..I wish I had any inclination for the arts (or the will to learn and practice!)

  2. It is so pretty! I love it!
    with digital coouring, it is part practice, part tricks when it comes to speed :)

  3. But it turned out really beautifully well! Love it =)