24 August 2012

Treecat and Madara

Last post with images from Latvia, here we have a super cute climbing kitten and super beautiful Madara.
Today is friday and it seems that my first week as an intern is coming to an end. I think I've learned stuff... haha, sometimes a feel a little out of place because I can't assist the creative workers as much as I wish I could. Oh well, most importantly is that I understand how everything work at an advertising agency!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The atmosphere in your photos is always so unique and wonderful :)

  2. Just wait till they need someone who can draw something endearing, they'll come crying to you! Some of your photography would look amazing in a cool fashion ad too. You've got loads to offer them!

    1. Haha... thank you... well we'll see, hopefully they will find something where my style would fit!

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  4. Thank you, wonderful Uli :)