14 August 2012

Joanna Concejo

Illustrations by Joanna Concejo

There are times, when I'm really lucky, that I find an illustrator that I adore. Booooooom featured Joannas illustrations and I fell in love. So charming!
It's time for me to start drawing again soon.
Make sure to visit Joanna's blog.

I went to an advertising agency for an interview today... haha... and as always I pretty mush made a complete fool of myself. They're always wondering why I want to get into the advertising world and I never really know what to say. Interviews are so silly, I feel like they say nothing about a person sometimes. For me it's more like eh, I'm creative...I'm sure you'll find a spot for me somewhere :)


  1. In my view, you recreate a very personal world, so beautiful, clear, calm... I think it's your best presentation. That, and good ideas, of course... I'm lots of times atonished with awfull spots I see on TV and I wonder how the personal selections on advertising world are done. I mean: I can't uderstand the low quality and the silly messages they try to transmit, so I wonder about the "filters" they use on personal selections... Well, Good Luck with your work search!!

  2. Thank you for sharing!
    I love her illustrations.

  3. I discovered her work some time ago and I love it too! Good luck in finding a job:)