08 July 2012


When I got the horse print orders in early spring they were so many that I didn't have time to personalize the packages, now I hardly get any orders so when someone ordered two small illustration prints I had some time left to draw on the envelope... I like when I can do that. Because there is something romantic about real mail I think :)
The other picture is just from my shelf at home. I really like the middle framed picture of the dad with his two kids, I found it on the wall in an old factory in Latvia when I was assisting a photographer for a swimwear shoot. I like the drawing framed on the right as well, that one is by Robert :) Actually looking at this picture I realize that very few things are bought by me. The duck, the antler, the cameras, most books... are gifts. Great gifts! 


  1. Aw how cute! Visiting your blog is always a treat. Your shelves look beautiful. I love the old cameras.


  2. The idea of that lost photo of Unknown Beloveds hanging on your wall just warms my heart. <3

  3. aaw, lucky you for having people making you such gifts!

  4. Good morning,

    When I received my horse posters, they were in a wonderful tube with pretty stamps and your hand writing. It was very special and pretty - I saved the tube as part of my art room. Would love to see another horse print 'special' as would others I'm sure. I will share with my horse/art friends and get the word out. When you're ready we are! I would also purchase some of the horse pics you took at the barn when visiting your sister, loved those and that horse and the storm. xo

  5. Books are such a good gift. 1000 dogs, I'm curious about that one.

    Does people ask you often " That's your dad in that picture?" I loved the idea. One time I found a box full of pictures from a trip in europe, not faces, just places and details from flowers anf walls. I liked it, the owner had a good eye.

    This is my first time in your blog, and I really loved it.
    I'm very inspired.