06 July 2012

Feature in PHOTO+

Whenever I see someone I know featured in a magazine I get, like many people, a little jealous. Sometimes I get really jealous and sometimes I'm just really happy for the person(the last is the mature thing to do :).
I have a little secret to share with you however. The "kick" that you think you'll feel by being featured in a magazine.... is much much smaller than you imagine it to be. It's like those actors who dream about playing the lead role in a big theater production... and then when they're up there... in their dream role... they're just like "well....ok... I don't really feel very much?". I remember I saw an actress talk about this in our public library when I was younger... and that little story really stuck with me. I knew I remembered it because I would relate to it later in life.

However, I am truly grateful for every publication I get, of course! This one is in the Korean magazine PHOTO+ but I have no clue what they have written about me so the text might say that I hate rabbits and that I eat a lot of rubber-boot-pie which is in fact not true at all. Hihi, I liked how the guy sending me all the emails regarding the interview was VERY concerned about how he would translate my name to Korean text. How do you spell Kestere? And I'm like... However!
In my home country Latvia we say "Chestere" and in Sweden people say it in very different ways but I don't consider either to be right or wrong. Heh, but he was like OH MY GOD. Do you know what a disaster it is if I write your last name wrong?? So it all ended with me recording my first and last name and sending him a soundfile. 


  1. How exciting! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations to you! What a funny story with the sound file :)