29 June 2012


First photo by Wolf von dem Bussche, Second photo by me

I found a beautiful tumblr that had posted one of my pictures and then I found so much other things on that site that were so... so great. So inspiring and mood-setting. For the first time, during a long time, I felt like scribbling down 10 new ideas for pictures.
I love how we share pictures. Sometimes I just look at the same personal blogs too long... and the people posting are not inspiring at all but simply just complaining about everything and documenting an eventless life. I should really avoid blogs like that. They make me stop dreaming.
I've moved around all the furniture in my room and taken away some things... so it feels like a fresh start after school has ended and I can get going on the exciting things for the future.

Many years ago my mum gave me the photo book "1000 dogs" which is of course one of my absolute favorite books now. The top picture by Wolf von dem Bussche is from that book and one of my all time favorite photos. I love how the dog looks like a black oil puddle... and how the mountains are so perfectly exposed in the background. I think he did a good job in the dark room with this one... getting the light and dark to collaborate beautifully. 

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