01 June 2012

11 questions

I got 11 questions by follower Anna. Off course I'm a bit behind on this but obviously it's a thing now in the blog-world :)

What were you like five years ago?
Five years ago I was in my second year of photography studies. I was a scholarship student and had keys to all the doors at the school. I loved having responsibility and being free to create my own projects and schedule. I think I was somewhat an attention whore but honestly I suspect I still am. I was running around with my long hair and laughing to loudly, just like today.

What kind of person will you be after 10 years?
I hope I will be laughing as loudly then too, but hopefully I’ll have matured and I’ll be facing challenges in life more calmly. Ideally I’ll have a good network of clients and won’t have to search for work the same way I do today.

What’s your favorite word in its meaning and why?
Tramsig. A Swedish word for frivolous (a person doing nonsense things)… because for me being tramsig is just about the same as being fun. I wish more people weren’t afraid of making an ass of themselves or to joke about their silly qualities.

What words sounds most beautiful?
Toffs. Swedish word for tassle.

What engages you?
Photography, art and animals.

If you could chose between living in a time of your choice before 1970 or in the future that you don’t know the outcome of, what would you chose?
Huu…. Difficult. The future is uninteresting for me… but I know that I would have problems with the hygien, lack of medicine and female rights  if I choose an elder time. Well… I think I would be a farmer during 1850, maybe that could be something!

Do you like the morning or late evening/night and why?
The morning. I wake up quite early and love the calm atmosphere that exists during sunrise. All the crazy people are sleeping… only the old people and dogowners are awake ;)

Do you like Sweden?
Yes! Sweden is beautiful and ahead of a lot of countries when it comes to eco-thinking and medical rights. I only wish that the traditional song and dance culture would be more interesting… you know, something exciting like Spanish guitar and flamenco :)

If you could create a new place at the size of 100x100 meters, what would be on that place in order for you to feel your best?
There would be a forest, cottages, a small lake, a meadow, a hallow tree growing on an underground cave, foxes, rabbits and owls, a small wooden workshop, a gazebo and a bakery.  At the far end of the land there would be a small castle, surrounded by a beautiful garden with nicely smelling flowers. And yes… poofy big dogs everywhere!

Where would you rather be right now?
Bathing in a hot spring on Iceland whilst northern light is dancing above.

Do you know any blogs that you would like to recommend?
I'ingénue (frogs and crowns), La Princesse Endormie and Julia have great cozy picture!

And then I guess the game continues by me asking 11 new questions? I will send these to Tovelisa and Signe, maybe they'll answer :) If a reader answers, please let me know because I love getting to know more about my followers!

1. What's your dream hair? Long blonde... curly red... afro...?
2. Do you have a goal that you have to accomplish before 2013?
3. If you would wear a hat every day, how would it look?
4. If you would ever be saved by an animal, what would you be saved from and what animal would it be? Use your imagination!
5. What would the coolest self-portrait of you look like?
6. If you could play a role in a movie, what would it be and what kind of movie would it be in?
7. Where would you rather be, in a gazebo in the forest or in a small boat in a lake?
8. If your were a bee-keaper, how much honey would you eat?
9. What frightens you?
10. Dream magazine to be featured in?
11. Dream magazine to work for?


  1. 1. The way that my hair is naturally (beutiful natural curls and thick) only much longer, to my waist. And maybe a little more manageable. ;)

    2. Live through an apocalypse! haha, but I would actually just like to do something that is liberating to the soul.

    3. I hate hats so I have no idea, what a boring answer.

    4. I would be swept out to sea by a vicious current, but a horse would swim into the water, allow me to climb its back, or hold its main, and it would help me get back to shore!

    5. I do a lot of self portraits on my own, but I would love to try something Pre-Raphaelite style, or art nouveau.

    6. I would play a female warrior or adventurer, like Joan of Arc or Snow White in the new snow white and the huntsman film!

    7. Forest gazebo, to see all the forest creatures.

    8. id have honey on everything! in my tea, on my toast.. this is a very strange question but i love it.

    9. The dark, and the most evil paranormal creatures that are associated with it.

    10&11. I don't read many magazines, and the ones that I do, I wouldn't want to be in them or work for them.

    I really want to hear your answers for all of these questions! :D

  2. 1. Long curly (big curls) red hair

    2. Get in shape, I was super active and quite strong in 2011, now I just sleep all day..

    3. Hat of choice: a cloche hat, twenties style.

    4. I would be saved by a horse with wings while I was falling from a cliff.

    5. A picture of me dancing with a really long dress made of really thin fabric.

    6. Superhero, or maybe the supervillain....

    7. Small boat in a lake

    8. As much honey as I used in my cooking. Honey in bread or chicken marnated in honey taste really good.

    9. Failing or get really bad grades.

    10. Dream magazine to be featured in: Musikkultur

    11. Dream magazine to work for: Musikkultur

  3. I will answer in swedish, because I'm not so good in english that I can describe my opinions well :)

    1. Jag skulle älska ett kolsvart, tjockt och trassligt hår med spikrak lugg, som är enkelt att jobba med och kan varieras. Tyvärr skulle det aldrig passa på mig.
    2. Mitt första och största mål är att jag ska komma igång med betygen i höst och få bra resultat på mina första prov.
    3. En svart basker a la France!
    4. Jag skulle klättra så högt upp i ett träd att grenarna inte längre skulle hålla för mig. När jag föll skulle det komma massvis med småfåglar av alla sorter som tog tag i mig och långsamt sänkte mig ner till marken.
    5. Ett porträtt inspirirerat av Picassos målningar, där mina ansiktsdrag är så omkastade att det knappt syns att det är jag vore coolt att äga.
    6. Jag skulle antingen vilja spela storskurken i en actionrulle eller en övernaturlig varelse som ingen riktigt förstår sig på i en fantasyfilm...
    7. Jag skulle vilja vara i "en stuga i skogens slut" men med närhet till en tjärn där min båt ligger förtöjd, så jag kan ro ut närhelst jag vill det.
    8. Jag skulle inte kunna stå emot honungen och alltid ta lite för mycket - till frukost, till lunch, till middag, till fika och alla tänkbara måltider.
    9. Framtiden.
    10. Barnbokskatalogen Bokjuryn - för att ha skrivit årets bästsäljande och mest omtyckta bok för äldre barn/tonåringar.
    11. Jag skulle helst starta en egen tidning (med trevliga kolleger som krav) om antingen damfotboll eller ungdomslitteratur.

  4. 1. I have long curly blonde hair but I've always wished to have my same hair in a really natural shade of red. red heads are so pretty!
    2. i don't set long term goals like that any more (which is probably a bad thing) but i just work day by day at living a little more creatively and free
    3. i'm not a fan of the way a hat feels...but i think sunhats look really nice with my long hair
    4. this isn't so imaginative but i used to have childhood daydreams all the time about being saved by a dog...like in the movies...my dog never seemed as loyal as the ones i read about so when i was a kid i would fake get hurt to see if my dog would rescue me....he never did...to this day i'd still love to get saved by a dog! :)
    5. being made out of leaves, ice, or something natural...something Andy Goldsworthy esque :)
    6. i'd like to play a girl in a western movie who rode horses and was super tough
    7. lake because floating on water is the most calming sense in the world
    8. i eat honey on everything as it is....so thats a scary thought
    9. the way the world works, all those picture ideas
    10. vouge because its so classic and it would be amazing to have a footprint in its ongoing history
    11. national geographic or nylon

  5. 1. I would love to have my same hair (fine, thick, blonde) but with some natural waves.
    2. I would love to spruce up my portfolio
    3. i have this wonderful sun hat that is gradated from white to straw that is oh so fun to wear.
    4. A horse would save me, from a horrible winter storm, he would find his way, even when we can't see for all the blowing snow.
    5. You know those beautiful handcrafted, embroidered book covers that jillian tamaki makes? I would like a self portrait made like that.
    6. It would be in Hawaii about a native royal Hawaiian family.
    7. small boat in the lake. i love being on the water. it is so powerful.
    8. I would eat honey by the bucket-full (okay, maybe not) but spoon-full for sure.
    9. all the evil & corruption in the world
    10. um. uppercase magazine.
    11. An outdoorsy magazine, like montana headwall. hopefully i would get to spend lots of time outdoors, while also designing lovely layouts.