12 May 2012

Hiding from the clouds

Photos from Potenza

I'm so glad that our last class in school is design management. We finally talk about how to protect what we do (patent, trademark, copyright..), how to meet clients, how to charge for out work... etc. There's A LOT of stuff to know so it hasn't really settled in out minds yet. But we're starting to get a feeling of what it's all about. Since I'm continuing on as a freelancer my hand is often in the air, until the point were my teacher doesn't let me ask any more because "You've talked enough!".
But when thinking about the big world out there and all the struggle you have to do for work I feel like this little dog curled up in a ball.
I know I have to make a new official homepage but I want to contact clients at the same time as well. But the homepage should preferably be finished before I contact people... but I need to feel like I'm looking for work because otherwise I go nuts. Gaah.

Thanks for the stories about your life-changes, it's good to know that we're a whole gang going through the same stuff :)


  1. Finding your place is a pretty hard task, right.
    Anyways the dog is very cute (:

    Three Angles

  2. When I think about how hard it might be to find my place, I actually want to BE this dog. Got nothing to do but curl up in a bunch of hay... with not much worries :/