22 May 2012

Calendar in beautiful home

Photography by STEFANY ALVES, from her blog The public Diary

I think there is something very magical about seeing your creations in an inspiring home. Stefany Alves recieved my 2012 calendar last winter and now and then it peeks out in her blog. I guess it's like when a fashion designer sees someone walking down the street in their design.

I'm planing on (maybe) selling 2 or 3 illustration prints. Either 30x30 or 42x42 cm, what do you think is more desirable? I also want to have a lot thicker paper than what I used for the horse posters. Is there an interest for this? Do you have any favorite illustration of mine that would be desirable as a print?
I'm super happy if you share your opinion! 


  1. Oh, your calendar looks beautiful! I want one now (I know it's a bit late but I knly started following your blog recentely)

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  3. We are big fans of all your illustrations and sculptures. Just magical. Very much look forward to prints being available for sale. The recent Two Fox Brothers and Changing Homes are particular favourites - we have a couple of goats who play in our garden, but like the idea of a few giraffes hanging around. Thanks for sharing your world.

  4. fox making pashmina wool is my favorite and i'd guess the smaller size would be more sellable! very cute!


  5. I love her collections of photos/images, they work well together.

  6. I absolutely love the Foxes series. Especially the Farmer Foxes, Il Gufo and Two Fox Brothers. It would be great if you have these in prints and I would like to purchase it =) Wish i could buy the calendar too!

    1. Thank you bibi for sharing your favorites :-)