09 April 2012

One day left

On wednesday I'll finally present my bachelor project and start to wrap this thing up! I still have to finish the report and fix last corrections given from the teachers... and prepare for the exhibition in june... but the big part will be behind me. Now we just have to write a report for another class and then start the management class...puhha.
But I am proud of myself because I did make it in time even with going away to Lofoten to teach for a week in the middle of everything. I'll post photos from the project after a few days!

I hope everything is well with all of you! And that even if you're stressed with work, school or other projects - you know summer is coming and things will end up great.


  1. This seems incredibly interesting :) Good luck with everything!

    xo Joana

  2. Looks great! very nice shapes!
    Really love your work and wish you good luck with the projects!! And you're right about the summer..it will come and warm us :)
    Best wishes!

  3. This look great! Looking forward to see the result.

  4. ps. du visade var skåpet stod :P /sasha

  5. hi Ulrika, it looks really nice.
    What kind of bachelor do you follow? :)

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