06 April 2012

Happy easter!

Hello all you wonderful ones!
Gah, I know my blogging has been down lately but next week I'm presenting my bachelor and after that I'm hoping I'll have a lot more time for ME ME ME and doing the wonderful things I love like photographing and drawing :) Off course I'll show my bachelor as well, I'm just gonna put together a stop motion of it first...

Today we "colored" the eggs with onionshells. One favorite was definitely with feathers and tiny silk-fabric cow prints. I asked my dad if he didn't have a silk tie laying around that he would never use. And look at that, he had a red one with cows and chickens (which he never has and never will use), so we cut it up and got these hilarious little prints. We especially liked how the cow got stretched in different ways depending on how the fabric lay.

Now I have to get going to the next easter gathering!
Happy easter everyone, and I'm so happy so many of you are trying out the onion thing, it really is fun. It's like developing your own film. You're not sure of how it will turn out!


  1. cute cat : )


  2. last year I coloured eggs according to your tutorial an that's how they turned out http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v418/bobby_blah/IMG_0016.jpg

    I really love how they turned out and wanted to thank you for inspiring me to try it myself. :)

    I wanted to do it again this year but our supermarket had no white eggs :(

  3. http://www.poga.lv/groups/139e/forums/topic:405/
    Naturliga färgämnen att koka ägg i (site in Latvian)

  4. I've just discovered your blog and now I can't leave it. You're such an amazing photographer and illustrator. I'm an illustrator too and I find your work so inspiring! I would like to live inside your photos, hehe.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  5. Oh, by the way - I'm just curious, what camera do you use? I'd like to learn photography one day.

  6. Hi Carol, welcome! I use a Canon 5D Mark II. This is not a camera a new beginner needs however.

  7. Beautiful ~ I love how all those DIY eggs came out!

  8. Thank you for responding Ulicam ♥