27 April 2012

Beautiful Lea and Tess

My sister has a cat named Lea (Maine Coon breed). She talks/purrs in a very specific way, and when she wants something she looks like a crazy owl. Also, if she doesn't get special maine coon food she eats like a hobo. While chewing her food it just falls out of her mouth and gets all over the kitchen.
Tess first cat that she bought in Italy is called Louis (I call him Lollo) and he lives with us in Sweden know. It occurred to us that Lea & Lui sounded like Lei and Lui, which means her and him in italian. 


  1. wuuh, the first one is awesome with the blue light! and the cat also is. I love them :)

  2. Lille Lea med sina scary eyes :D

  3. the cat on the first picture is like unreal.

    Very beautiful atmosphere