26 March 2012

Wooden Lollo

It was my dads birthday last week so I made him a little wooden Lollo.
I saw my calendar in the kitchen and wondered if it was on any other persons wall? I sold quit a few during autumn and I think many of them were gifts. Do I have any calendar followers? Meaning, you were given the calendar before you knew who I was? I'd like it if you could say hi :)
The clock was turned one hour into the future and everyone seems to have gotten a lot more tired... hehe, at least I had trouble staying awake in the workshop today. 


  1. Not on my wall alas, since I didn't discover your blog & work until recently (I have a Camilla Engman/Morran calendar for this year), but I am hoping you will do a calendar again next year, because this one looks wonderful!

  2. Lollo looks wonderful in wooden form :) The closest I've come to making little forms, was when I made Christmas ornaments out of dough and then baked them until hard. They had their charm, haha.

    It would be nice to see readers' calenders in their new home. Either way, I'm sure they are being appreciated :)

  3. I've discovered your blog because I saw a photo (or I think it was a gif) of your calendar on stefany alves blog. so somehow die calendar was the catalyst here, too ;) since then I've fallen in love with your illustrations :)

  4. I found your blog after reading Elsa Billgren's blog, she had gotten your calender as a gift.
    Since then I have been wildly fascinated by your dreamlike art and photo projects. I love it so much, it's like escaping into another world. Please, never stop doing what you do.

    Best of luck
    //Lovisa (I'm usually called Lollo, haha)

  5. You really captured the essence of lollo!

  6. Love that calendar! Hope i'll get a chance to purchase some of your work.