18 March 2012

New workspace

Most bachelor preparations have happened in front of the computer. Sitting on my butt. Or sitting on my butt staring at papers. All in all, very still and frustrating. So when it's finally coming to it's end stage it feels fantastic to be in the wood workshop and actually working with my hands. It might just look like a tiny shelf at the moment, but more things will happen, Lollo is sitting on some clues in the middle photo. It wont actually turn into a dreamspace. But hopefully something else that's nice. Or it's not nice at all but it doesn't really matter because I want to be a photographer anyway... hehehe.
Have a lovely sunday!


  1. hi i just noticed your book, looks great, can i ask who published it? x

  2. Oh, no one! It's just a book that you publish on blurb and then anyone can buy it.