04 March 2012

I'm heading north

This is my fourth year heading back north to my old school (Lofoten Folkehøgskole) in Norway to hold a workshop. It's in a tiny little village called Kabelvåg(top photo), on one of the little islands spread out into the shape of a genies lamp that is Lofoten.
I will talk about the dreamy theatrical photography, show some photoshop-tricks and try and inspire the best I can. Sometimes I get through and sometimes I don't. I love when students ask a lot of questions and interrupt me, but I know that photography beginners can be rather shy. Or it's just me that's rather unintresting. Hehe. Eh...

The first time I held a workshop I actually made a student cry. But it wasn't because I was mean (I hope), she was late with the photo task I had given them so I helped her edit her photograph and while klicking through photoshop I joked "Why didn't you do it last night, where you with a boooy?" and then she stormed of in tears. And no there was no boy drama, she had simply been offended that I accused her for being late/lazy. I just sat there shocked and the other students looked at me and said she's a little weird. I hope my crying students isn't reading this, but if you are, I'm very sorry but I'm also not quite sure what I did wrong. 


  1. MAGICAL! Especially the one with the mountain. And I hope I will have an opportunity to see the Nordic lights some day in my life.
    Don't worry about the student. She will be fine :-)

  2. Beautiful! Yes, don't worry about the student. Sometimes we end up in a crossfire that we didn't know existed, no one's fault at all!

  3. envious here)


  4. Hahah, hilarious story! Sorry you felt so awkward, though. Would love for you to share some photoshop tips with your readers :)