09 March 2012

Fisherman's other daughter

Well look at that, it's 2.00 in the morning and I'm not in my bed. I'm quite the sleepy possum so when I'm awake after midnight it's a little impressive (for me).
For the first time, in a really long time, I went into the studio. Working with artificial light is a tad strange, and I do feel that the studio environment is a little too stiff for my taste. But it was time to do something out of my box perhaps. Although still in my box since I'm dressed as a princess and looking worried. Oh, but you have no idea of how much fun it is to curl your hair and put on a real dress, you really feel like when you were playing when you were little. It's a lovely feeling. I'm so happy I bought this dress, the blue color is vivid on pictures.

During my stay here I think I've figured something out... about the future. And it's a good thing :)


  1. This is gorgeous Uli!
    Love the blue. I'm a sucker for anything with bones and birds. :)

  2. beautiful scenography a blue colours, oh, very good work! .)

  3. Beautiful, Uli. This is you 100%. You are in your element here. Dreamy, surreal, unusual, completely wonderful. Glad all went well in Norway for you. Cheers to a creative weekend!

  4. Oh thanks, I really DID feel like in my element as well :) Doing photo shoots like this really gives me an adrenaline kick.

  5. Beautiful! As ever, of course! You are a great artist!

  6. I love your blog so, so much. This photo is gorgeous. The colors and scene are vibrant and remind me of fairy tales. :)

  7. this is a beautiful picture
    as is the last one
    I can feel a new series
    of photographs coming!

  8. keep crafting such beautiful images, theyre stunning! :D