15 March 2012

Crazy hair

Thanks for all the support regarding my future plans, I love that I have such lovely and supportive followers :) It makes me feel like this panda playing with a pumpkin.

A former student of mine posted a print screen of a game-page that had an advertisement for a make-your-own-gif site where they used my braid gif as their ad photo (former students are always good at informing me about these things). This gif has somehow spread all over internet and I've sort of lost control of it. I sent the gif-site a rather irritated email saying that this gif was NOT made on their site and that they did not have the rights to use it as their ad and that they should take it down immediately.
And they responded with Oh how can we even know this is your gif? It's all over internet. And it's made by a user from our page.
Gosh. Site builders.... so uncreative! If you have a site that helps people build GIFs, then I should hope that you know how to make a GIF and be able to make a nice one to use in your ad.
When did photos spread on the internet become the property of everyone? Reblogging is one thing. Using in an ad, that's so low.
I simply said that I have the raw-folders and that it was most certainly not made by one of their users.

So dear readers, watch out for those page builders out there that don't give smack about copyright! But it's great that people inform each other when they see material spread on the wrong place. 


  1. love the hair-love your work.

    I agree, all images need to have a citation back to the original artist. It is the responsibility of the web designer to do the research to find the name and get permission.
    Reblogging is the same. This is tricky for artists who want their work out in the world but want credit.
    I recently sent an email to Pin Interest on this very issue. I have seen photographers work on Pin Interest without their name and if i follow the trail back to past reblogs it does not lead back to the artist. Web coding is sophisticated enough that the image can always have the original location & name attached.

    It is so important for artists to make sure we add our meta data to every single image that gets emailed or posted on the internet.

  2. The first thing I thought when i saw the pictures attached to your post was "So BEAUTIFUL! I've got to pin the to my pinterest board INSTANTLY". And then I read the rest of the post. It's really sad this is happening, but it is uncontrollable... one of the bad things that come with the free distribution of media provided by the world wide web. If someone wants to steal without getting caught they will do it... especially if stealing is only based on someone's morals and not a law.
    I myself am really ocd about my sources, and since that awesome image search tool became available widely by google I've been using it extensively to cross-check the origin of an image.

  3. I am so sorry that that happened to your Braid GIF Ulrika. If it helps i think you shouldn't worry about it because you can probably make a million other GIFS that are just as good if not better, then you can just make sure to write your name ALL over them.

    Also, what goes around comes around, is a very apropriate saying for this situation.

  4. amphicyrtous: you can off course pin my image, as long as you leave the ulicam source :)

  5. You were so right to get angry about that!
    Really beautiful photos! You're like a lioness

  6. Love these pictures !

    ... internet is a jungle...

  7. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before it will be possible to have all images go back to the original. In the mean time, its a hard lesson but take it as a compliment that you have many more wonderful ideas then most.

  8. Oh that is awful to hear about the GIF and how proper credit was never given!!! :( Proper credit should ALWAYS be given and documented I feel otherwise it's just plain theft.

    BTW, these photos of you are stunning.


  9. Magnificent hair!
    The thing about art is that many people have it as their livelihood. And each piece of art can bring profit. I hate when people think it's super easy to just draw (or even animate!)and want it for free.
    Oh , it looks pretty simple to build walls, can I have a house for half of price?

  10. Jackpot Uli! You became your own "animated lion lady"!

  11. I have always said: "tagg your images, tagg your images, tagg..." but nothing happens. I can tell you that these hair images of yours are next in row, just begging for to be stolen... "tagg your images...tagg"

  12. Really cool and fantastic photos! Specially the crazy hair! Great! Keep up!



  13. such a great picture! how did you made that? did you jump? :)

  14. No, I just threw my hair back!

  15. Wow, this is magnificent! The hair looks really lovely sporting a messy look. It really looks nice from that angle as the hair looks really soft and alive. Too bad about your gif, though. It’s a lovely gif that has been lost to issues of copyright and ownership. Too bad, really.

    Curtis Hutchinson