05 March 2012


It's super embarrassing but I've actually not really produced any photographs yet. You always think that by coming to a beautiful place you will take beautiful pictures. But no luck, Lofoten is a tricky place. I'm posting two that I took on my way to the store (only to realize that candy cost 1 million norwegian kronor).
I took some analogue photographs from the plane though... I think they might be juicy.
Ok, I'm gonna stop being sorry for not having time to create, I am here to teach and not to play around. Must remind myself.
My first class is tomorrow and until then I should be working on my bachelor rapport... so....boring... must... die...oh ....gosh


  1. Dear Uli, your photos arrived today! They're beautiful. :) Wish you the best of lucks for your classes tomorrow. *Maria

  2. Thank you Maria, first class in half an hour...always a bit nervous :/

  3. fine huuuuundaaaarnaaaaaa....har fått mannen min att lova att skaffa en engelsk eller irländsk setter när vi flyttar till stora huset :D!

  4. ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ det är så ORÄTTVIST att du får en massa djur!!!! JAG VILL OCKSÅ! Jag vill gossa med setter valpar. ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ.

  5. Hahaha. I totally relate to your candy comment. When I went to Denmark and Sweden a few years ago, I didn't realize I would have to spend a small fortune for the tiniest things. It is a sad moment, when the cheapest thing you can find to eat is McDonalds. Talk about survival mode. Maybe I should have eaten from trees.