24 February 2012

Proud and poofy

Oh, I'm sorry for not having very interesting post these last couple of days, but my bachelor project is breathing down my neck and then I have to get my photo workshop ready since I'm leaving for Lofoten next sunday... and on top of that I have another class where I needed to read a 250 page book and write and essay about it...whaa...everything has been too much. So yesterday I decided to do less so I went to the park, spotted this years first spring flowers and then I saw this proud and poofy white dove.
I hope you'll spend the weekend being just as proud and poofy!


  1. I am definetly proud and poofy today :D....and tomorrow I AM going to be behind the wheel whoohooo

  2. Haaar ru fått en bil redan? Ska ruu få en?

  3. Your blog delights me, your ideas and projects! Beautiful and creative :) Good luck with your BA project!!!