03 February 2012


Due to many requests, I've printed two of the pictures from "The Girl with 7 horses" series.

170 gram paper, silk finish.
297 x 420 mm / 11,7 x 16,53 inches
The print is shipped in a protective cardboard tube.
Order HERE

If you have trouble choosing, know that the tones in the winter print are white, blue and sharp while the giant horse print is yellowish, green and more matte in the colors. Think about what will look best  with your interior!

I asked Lollo if he could help me promote the print shop. He said that this would best be done with violence. Hence the first picture.


  1. I love your cats and your photos... :)
    Kiss from Portugal

  2. Dear Ulrike,
    I love your photos! Just wanted you to know I did a short feature about you in my blog: http://rebeccapriscillachase.blogspot.com/

    Good luck with you bachelor project.

    Becky Chase

  3. Love the whole Girl with horse series. Great idea to print them:)

  4. älskar din blogg! underbart fina bilder

  5. your work is incredible. the seven horses series made me cry because it is so lovely and haunting.

  6. oh... it makes me sad that you cried :(

  7. The photo with your cats is too good! Also, I just discovered your "Girl with the Seven Horses" story through Free People's blog, and it's one of my favorite set of images I've ever come across. Keep it up, dear!

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