13 February 2012

Nature perfection

On sunday me and Robert woke up to winter wonderland. The sky was dropping big chunks of snowflakes and everything was quite and white. You almost felt like you where indoors when you where outside. A strange feeling. But exciting. Yet calming.
We went out and photographed birds, unfortunalety I only had my little Canon S90 with me, but I manage to snap some shots. I think I want to come back and take more pictures of the swans with my other camera though. With my ULICAMera :)


  1. You took a good route with making this b&w.

  2. I understand u want to come back to this place : )
    But I do like the quallity this camera gives the photo.
    Really defines the 'real' feel of the moment.
    Cause these creations of nature ar e real, not a dream or fantasy
    : )

  3. Är det dina verk? ser jättebra ut hur som helst! Jag gör porträtt och undrar om detta vore intressant för dig att skriva om. Jag vill ta tillbaka porträtten in i nutiden, men har precis börjat. Här är min hemsida http://galleribaecklund.se/

    se vad du tycker.

  4. Lovely!! It´s like a painting that I want on my wall!