01 February 2012


Remember I said that I saw ice on the lakes and wanted to go skating?
Well, so I did :) I nagged on my dad and then we went together. Like all things me and my dad do together it always ends up in photography somehow. This time we skated for a bit but then it rather quickly ended up with my dad photographing air bubbles in the ice and me filming me feet while skating. Often when we drive off somewhere for a photo excursion, the weather is really bad and we end up at a gadget shop looking at new cameras.

Skating meant a lot of breaks drinking hot coco and afterwards we went to buy groceries and I found this adorable toy horse that has become my new favorite (seen to the left on this picture). Yes. I am indeed like a 8 year old.


  1. one of my close friends showed me your blog the other day, and I fell in love with you.

    I want to buy some of your photo prints - i.e. the horse story. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Welcome Emily :) The horse prints will be out in a couple of days! Keep an eye our for the shop opening.

  3. Wonderful photo of the dog!
    Du är en sådan inspiration Ulrika, läser din blogg med iver varje dag. Du är fantastisk och otroligt duktig.

  4. It's hard to wrap my head around the thought of anyone skating on a lake. I live in a warm climate, so it seems almost otherwordly. Haha. The fact that you know how to skate too is great. Thanks for the pics!

  5. Thank you Victoria and Vanessa :)