05 February 2012

Ice princess

I thought playing the ice princess would be fun. But it turned out to be rather cold. Hence the ice princess. Frozen blue. I got my hair cut... is it noticeable? She cut it weirdly. So I had to curl it. So it won't look so weirdly.

Since the Girl with 7 horses mania is starting to fade, I'm feeling a calm tingle through my body. Time for a new dreamy project. But what will it be? I'll have to take some time of and look at other peoples work for a few days. It's been way to much just about my own work lately. I wouldn't mind looking at these silly rabbit photos for a whole day.

And off course, a big hug to everyone who's ordered a horse print. I'm not really making any profits but it's a wonderful feeling knowing that the pictures are getting new homes in places like Brazil, New York, Portugal, United Kingdom, Latvia, Canada, Switzerland and Australia... to mention a few. It's amazing, I've never had such world wide orders before.

Portable TV has written a wonderful feature about me.


  1. I think your hair is wonderful...I can't wait to see a new big project from you!

  2. Pinelopi, you're so kind! I will tell my hair someone thinks it looks nice :)

  3. Really love your style of photography. Looking forward to your new project. :-)

  4. your hair looks amazing the way you have it in the pic!! hugs from Guatemala!

  5. jag är som förtrollad av dina bilder och påhitt. verkligen.